Here below you can find the instructions I posted on May 2004 to explain the project




You all know that I usually create images, I put them on an albums, I post a message where I talk about my update and when

you enter the club 1-2-3 days later you go to look at the pics. Just to let the member partecipate in my projects I’ve created polls

where you decide the winner, the kind of fight, the kind of boxers etc…

A few days ago I had an idea to do something new for my members:

<<I would like to involve my members: I could create an On-line event>>



The project is simple: I’m gonna create a photoset of a match and the members who are interested on view it can look at

the images in real time when I post them so they can post their comments like crowd on a real fight!

I do this project because I want to get near the reality!

So imagine that you are going to see a real boxing match in an arena.

What you have to do?

It’s simple: a few weeks before the match you buy the ticket and you go to the arena the night of the fight.

When you are there you find the crowd (other members), you look at the fight with them and you can be a fan of one boxer,

you do your comments about the possible winner, you talk about the actions, etc….



- An Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc…)

- Yahoo Messenger



You buy the ticket (don’t worry, it’s free!). On this ticket you put your Yahoo ID. The night of the fight I’ll create a conference

using Yahoo Messenger and I will invite all the members who bought the ticket (that’s why I need your Yahoo ID).

I will start to invite the members 30 minutes before the match starts so you have to be on-line during that period.

Once the “crowd are in the arena” I will post a message in the conference and I will put the link to a site where you will find

the first image. The members look the image and like the crowd on a match they can animate the fight or just watch without talking.

So the members can post their comments on Yahoo Messenger. Every 2-3 minutes I will give a new link to the following image

and you can post your comments.

IMPORTANT: while you are posting your point of view I WILL NOT ADMIT inappropriate language.

So be polite and respect the other members!



I use the 24h system to talk about the hours so I don’t write AM/PM method. The hardest thing of this project is the time:

I have members from all over the world and it’s impossible to choose a time that works good for everyone.

I mean if the event starts at 21:00 in New York, the members from Paris must get up at 3:00 to watch the fight.

So I think I’m gonna make two shows, where a member can choose the preferred time.

FIRST SHOW – 22nd / 23rd June 2004

Here are the Timezone of the First Show:

Los Angeles – San Francisco – Las Vegas

19:30 – 22nd June


20:30 – 22nd June


1:30 – 22nd June

New York – Washington – Miami

22:30 – 22nd June


03:30 – 23rd June

Denav’s Time – Rome – Paris – Wien

04:30 – 23rd June


06:30 – 23rd June


12:30 – 23rd June


13:30 – 23rd June

Remember that I will start to contact the crowd 30 minutes before the Show starts.

(Please note that I will be on-line at 4.30 in the morning, so I will drink lot of coffee to be wide awake!)


SECOND SHOW – 24th / 25th June 2004

Here are the Timezone of the Second Show:

Los Angeles – San Francisco – Las Vegas

13:00 - 24th June


14:00 - 24th June


15:00 - 24th June

New York – Washington – Miami

16:00 - 24th June


21:00 - 24th June

Dew York – Washington – Miami

22:00 - 24th June


23:59 - 24th June


06:00 - 25th June


07:00 - 25th June

Remember that I will start to contact the crowd 30 minutes before the Show starts.