The WEIGH IN took place on Friday November 4th 2005

Here is the transcription:

Tina who fights in the red corner wrote in Red, Caren who fights in the blue corner wrote in Blue,

Harold who is the journalist wrote in Black, Denav wrote in Green and Musicante wrote in Purple


Denav: Hello, now everybody can see the right weight of each boxer.......

           and you can sign that the weights are official. Ah ah 

Caren: Ok

Denav: Are you ready leadies and gentlemen?

Musicante: Of course

Caren: Yes

Tina: Yuh huh

Harold: Ok

Denav: So Tina enters for first

Denav: Comments?

Tina: Beat your hearts out boys

Harold: I didn't know women wore pantyhose with bikinis!

Denav: Well "Leggs" is the main sponsor of the event

Musicante: That's right

Denav: Caren, aren't you jealous of Tina's body?

Caren: No, poor little girl

Denav: Here's the official Tina's weight

Caren: Ok

Denav: Tina, are you watching your weight, is it what you expected?

Caren: Some more pounds

Harold: Ah ah

Tina: It's all solid perfection

Denav: Did everybody see that Tina weighed 57,8kg / 127,4lbs ?

Musicante: Yes

Caren: Yes

Harold: I was looking at her, not the scales... let me look again!

Denav: Harold felt in love with Tina! Good, please Tina take a pose for the journalists

Caren: She look afraid

Denav: Does she?

Tina: I went first because Caren will break the scale

Denav: Uh uh!

Caren: Puhh

Harold: Tell her: only one lady on at a time, Caren!

Denav: Any other comments? I think Tina has a mean expression

Harold: Means business.... harm to Caren no doubt!

Caren: Muscles are heavy

Harold: I thought they weighed one pound just like fat!

Denav: She has also little six pack

Caren: Where?

Denav: Uh uh. Tina, she is askin' it to you!

Harold: I'll share that after this interview... the six pack of Pepsi!

Denav: Ah ah

Caren: I don't drinks Pepsi

Tina: Caren will find our about my sixpack when they break her hand

Denav: Anyway now it's time for Caren to weigh in

Caren: Come on

Denav: She's entering right now

Caren: Determinated

Denav: I agree. Further comments?

Tina: Thumper thighs

Denav: I like her pantyhose. Anyway here is Caren's official weight

Harold: No wonder she doesn't know what a six pack looks like!

Caren: Och det betyder??

Denav: What? Is it Swedish language?. Anyway the image shows a straight stand for Caren

Caren: Yes, and more muscles

Harold: See, I told you that stuff weighed as much as muscle!

Denav: Does everybody confirm that Caren weighed 59,4kg / 130,9lbs ?

Caren: Yes

Musicante: Yes

Harold: I didn't see. Did she have both feet on the scales?

Denav: Yes, she has a straight standing pose

Caren: Put on the glasses, Harold

Denav: Caren, it seems that Americans don't trust in Europeans. Ah ah

Caren: Never

Denav: Good, please Caren take a pose for the journalists

Caren: Sure

Caren: Strong

Denav: Smiling and showing your fingers? What the fingers are for?

Caren: Sorry, not my culture

Denav: The up fingers maybe mean that you are n1

Harold: Looks like a touchdown has been scored!

Caren: Of course, I am

Denav: Tina, don't you comment these images? Are you afraid of your opponent?

Tina: Afraid of that gut?

Denav: I didn't see comments from you, so I thought that...

Tina: Looks soft to me

Caren: She is

Denav: Ok, now the Weigh in is ended, but before going away please Tina and Caren take a final pose for us

Caren: Ok

Denav: Comments on this image?

Caren: She's afraid

Denav: Both smiles seem disappeared. Isn't it?

Harold: Good luck to each of you. May the better woman win

Denav: Tina, don't you have comments?

Musicante: Tina looks afraid....

Tina: Caren wil be going on a special diet soon: knuckle sandwiches

Caren: Your meat

Denav: Thanks to Caren and Tina, to Musicante and Griffy

Musicante: tnx to you, Denav

Denav: I wish Tina and Caren have a nice time during these 2 weeks of training. 

           And see you on Monday November 7th at the fight

Musicante: My old friend and truly artist Denav

Denav: Thanks. Ciao

Caren: Good night

Tina: Bye-bye

Musicante: Bye

Harold: Bye!