The PRESS CONFERENCE took place on Yahoo Messenger, Monday October 24th 2005 at:

22.00 - Central European Time / 16.00 - USA East Coast / 13.00 -  USA West Coast

The boxers were on-line and gently answered to people's questions, here is the transcription!

Tina who fights in the red corner wrote in Red, Caren who fights in the blue corner wrote in Blue,

Harold who is the journalist wrote in Black, Denav wrote in Green and Musicante wrote in Purple


Harold: Caren have you seen Tina in any championship defenses of her title?

Caren: I have not, why should I?

Harold: Ok, Tina... have you seen Caren in any of her defenses?

Denav: A very determinated Caren!

Tina: Of course! It's always smart to scout the competition 

Harold:  Tell of your last title defense... win and how....Tina?

Tina: well I always love a good brawl, gets the adrenaline pumping! last fight I threw my opponent into the corner and

        beat the stufing oput of her midsection until she sagged down the ropes. unfiortunately she got lucky and survived

        the fight as the bell saved her

Denav: Tina, do you think you can do the same with Caren?

Tina: Why not! first time she flinches on a gutcheck and she's my lil blonde punching bag. Would be great fun!

Caren: Sweet dreams!

Denav: Ah ah

Harold: Caren tell about how you will handle Tina?

Caren: You will see, when I have fun in the ring 

Musicante: Tina what do you tink about Caren boxing career???

Tina: She either must have some talent or the WIBF is full of a bunch of meatballs for competition! of course there's

         no counting for luck

Harold: What will you do as the unified champion?

Tina: well i've already made arrangements to donate my share of the purse to the National Parkinson's Foundation

        and hope to use my title to help promote health issues

Harold: Caren, will you defend and put both belts on the line each time you fight?

Caren: Of course

Denav: Caren the brave! Anyway I also admire Tina's choice to help National Parkinson's Foundation!

Harold: What word best describes your fighting style?

Caren: Powerul and fast

Denav: Good. And Tina?

Tina: My style, well being a lil welsh gal there's nothing I love better than a good old fashioned brawl and if need be

         I'll box it out too but i prefer my hand speed and meanness

Denav: The queen of mean!

Harold: How many rounds of sparring have you had for this championship match?

Caren: A lot

Tina: Who counts? Just so long as they keep throwing me fresh meat

Denav: Ok, now ladies and gentleman, Do you want to see an image of Tina during the press conference?

Harold: Ok

Caren: k

Musicante: tnx

Denav: Tina is using her arms to explain her fight style! Furrther comments on that image?

           I would like to hear Tina's one

Caren: A very open style, indeed

Tina: It's an open challenge to show me what you've got and bring it on

Harold: Microphones don't punch back!

Denav: Ah ah

Harold: Caren can you knock Tina out?

Caren: Yes

Tina: In her dreams maybe

Harold: Tina do you have the power to knock Caren out?

Caren: By my fists, and they don't dream

Denav: The Ladies are getting hot

Harold: Save it for the ring ladies

Tina: She's gonna hit that mat so hard after i make her body fell like a swedish meatball

Denav: Harold please post next question before they start to fight right now

Caren: Are you afraid?

Harold: Tina, what is your favorite punch?

Tina: Whichever one flattens her nose from ear to ear

Musicante: Good

Harold: Caren what is your favorite punch?

Caren: Denav knows

Denav: Well, please tell to everybody!

Caren: I tell it to Tina after she been awaken

Harold: Tell the rest of us!

Caren: A fast, solid hook

Denav: Ah ah, the Ladies are not joking. Anyway here’s a picture of Caren answering to questions

Harold: She looks like a school teacher!

Denav: And she will give a lesson to Tina

Harold: Not very impartial Denav!

Tina: Miss priss better be careful she don't fiNd herself in detention

Caren: I know how to rule people

Denav: Yes, you are right but please allow me to tell this: I'm a friend of both boxers, but I knew Caren for first and

           she's european like me. As you can see in the polls Tina is better known so don't get angry with me if I tell you

           that I support Caren. I have nothing against Tina, it's just to level the parts

Harold: Is this going to be a popularity poll or a boxing match?

Caren: A boxing fight

Tina: I come to fight, the fans can cheer how they like as long as I give them their money's worth.

        All fans are important but it's me that has to get the job done

Denav: Ok

Musicante: Tina what do you do if you loose the fight?

Denav: Good question

Tina: I train harder and hope for a rematch!

Harold: Are you wearing anything special as a ring outfit for this fight, Tina?

Denav: It will be a surprise for all

Tina: What will I be wearing? Or almost wearing? I prefer as lil as possible..... but I like surprises, and very lil fabric 

Denav: Is it a boxing fight or a bikini contest?

Tina: Both as far as I'm concerned

Musicante: Ah ah

Caren: If Denav rules, it will be a pantyhose contest

Denav: Good answer Caren

Tina: I hope Caren does come for a pantyhose fight, it'll make it easier to knock her rear end across the ring

Harold: Tina will you be bringing a surprise for Caren?

Tina: I give the fans what they want on all cylinders

Harold: What do you think the fans want Caren?

Caren: That I win.... by KO

Denav: Do you think you will be able to satisfy your fans?

Caren: Yes

Denav: What do you think the fans want Tina?

Tina: Mostly they want a good fight. They want a show in the ring and in the build up to it. They want to be recoginized

         and thats what I'll give them all around. Lots of action and some eye candy to boot

Harold: Why do you want the Unified Jr. Lightweight title, Tina?

Tina: It's the next challenge! Or I hope it is. Bring in a wider range of hopefully quality competition

Harold: Caren why do you want to be the Unified Champion?

Caren: Why??. How can you do such a question??

Harold: I just type it out on the screen!

Caren: Ok, Then I want to be the only n°1!

Denav: Caren you are 38 years old, so please allow me to say that you are no more a "teen". Tina is 32, she's no more

           a "teen", too, but you have 6 years difference, so don't you think that fighting at 38 is different to fight at 32?

           Do you think that you are able to take punishment and hit as a 6 years younger opponent?

Caren: Otherwise I wouldn't enter the ring

Musicante: Good Caren...

Denav: Tina do you have a special person to dedicate this fight?

Tina: This one is for all the fans

Denav: And Caren?

Caren: My fans

Musicante: Tina what kind of victory do you prefer?

Tina: One that has the fans absolutely wore out from screaming. I don't go into the ring looking to hurt anybody, 

         just give them a good beating on

Musicante: And you Caren?

Caren: The ultimate one is a good KO-victory. No doubt who the winner is

Denav: Since the time is getting late, the journalists want to take a picture of boxers with their belts

Caren: k

Denav: What about this image?

Musicante: Wow

Tina: Good shot of the Dynamite thats gonna explode on Miss Sweden

Denav: Do you like your dresses Tina?

Caren: Is this a boxer??????

Harold: Yes and a woman boxer at that!

Caren: Puhh

Denav: Don't you reply to Caren, Tina?

Tina: Caren is going to find herself in a box and wrapped up with a neat bow when it comes to bell time....

        an early christmas present

Denav: So it's time to see Caren with her belt. Do you like the pic?

Caren: Golden dress, just as it will be

Musicante: This is my kind of woman

Denav: An elegant dress with the right shoes

Tina: After the fight thats the only gold she'll have

Caren: Including the belts

Tina: Those chunky thighs won't keep her up long

Denav: So the press conference is ended, thanks to the boxers who were so gently to answer the questions.

           Thanks to all for coming and see you on Friday November 4th for the Weigh In. Ciao

Caren: Good night

Tina: Bye-bye

Musicante: Bye

Harold: Bye!