The 1st Show of the FIGHT took place on Monday November 7th and the 2nd Show on Tuesday November 8th

Here is the transcription of the 1st Show:

Tina who fights in the red corner wrote in Red, Caren who fights in the blue corner wrote in Blue,

Denav who is the referee wrote in green, the crowd who attended at the show wrote in black



Denav: Are you there Tina?

Tina: Yuh huh

Denav: Are you there Caren?

Caren: I'm here

Denav: Are you there People?

Ssasskam: Yep

Ottawabob: Here!!

Susiwildcats: Hi

Acxx: Here

Fgsll: OK

Morpheus: Hey

Tworumble: Here  

Anawrest: Ok

Denav: So every two minutes I will post a link to an image, please post every comment you want during that time

Tina: Okies

Anawrest: Ok

Ottawabob: OK

Denav: and SUPPORT YOUR FAVOURITE BOXER as much as you can

Susiwildcats: Ok

Fgsll: Yes

Tina: This dressing room is cold

Anawrest: lol

Denav: You are right Tina, here is your dressing room  

Fgsll: You'll warm your fists alot very soon, Tina  

Caren: Already sleeping

Fgsll: Of course, she has no worries

Anawrest: She seems very very confident!!

Susiwildcats: Stand up, it is your time

Anawrest: I dont know if that's ok  

Denav: I'm a friend of Caren, so I'm her trainer

Tworumble: Poor Tina

Susiwildcats: You ready for the fight this night?

Tworumble: Who's taping Caren's hands?

Caren: A guy I know

Denav: Me

Susiwildcats: I wish you all best for this  

Denav: Other comments?  

Anawrest: She is concentrating for the math last mins adaice!!!

Ottawabob: Go Tina!!  

Acxx: Go Tina Go!!

Susiwildcats: All cry Tina go go go

Tworumble: Go Tina!

Acxx: Go Tina!


Fgsll: Poor girl, she can't see

Susiwildcats: Caren you fight hard I see

Caren: Sure I do

Fgsll: Shouldn't there be a towel to throw in?

Denav: Hey listen to the National Anthem

Caren: Not for me

Susiwildcats: She give not up she fight  

Susiwildcats: I wish both Boxer the best luck and have Fun

Denav: Why don't Americans sing tonight?

Tworumble: You'd regret hearing me sing

Susiwildcats: I see 2 Champions

Ottawabob: Best of luck to both fighters!!  

Susiwildcats: Tina you have Power

Caren: Trying to be an Indian?

Acxx: Looking strong Tina

Tworumble: Tina's second can be Caren's second! Beat!

Denav: Hey Harold, Tina's second seems you

Tworumble: Too Tall!

Denav: Don't you comment Tina's outfit? Did she choose a nice attire or not?

Tworumble: WOOOW!!! Great !

Fgsll: Very nice, very attractive

Susiwildcats: Very Sexy

Ottawabob: Very Nice!!

Denav: Tina, we would like to hear your comment

Acxx: I second that

Tina: All pumped up to slug it out  

Denav: And what about Caren's attire?

Susiwildcats: Hard Gloves and a sexy body

Denav: What about the skirt? Do you see the 3 hearts?

Acxx: What do they stand for?

Ottawabob: What is on the hearts?

Denav: Caren, why don't you tell us "what do they stand for"?  

Caren: Husband, Son and Daughter

Denav: Ok

Acxx: Ok, that satisfies my curiosity...

Ottawabob: Nice sentiment!!

Denav: <<Introducing first in the red corner: TINA Miss DYNAMITE WATKINS>> 

Susiwildcats: Kiss your Gloves, sweetly. I hope she make hard punch

Ottawabob: Wooo-Wooo!!!

Acxx: Give props!

Denav: We have about 8 people as crowd but they are all shy. Why don't you support your boxers?  

Ottawabob: Gonna Plant that kiss on Caren!! Hey..I'm trying!!  

Tina: A kiss for her kisser

Denav: <<and in the blu corner from Sweden: CAREN NILSSON>>  

Susiwildcats: Caren you ready. Give you best. And make it a cool fight

Acxx: All joking aside, good luck to both boxers

Denav: What an amazon pose. Isn't it?  

Caren: Solid muscles

Ottawabob: Best of luck, Caren!!

Morpheus: Should be a good fight, where are the bookies?

Ottawabob: LOL

Susiwildcats: Denav you a cool Trainer I hope Caren kill you not when the fight it's end

Denav: <<Ok Ladies I want a good clean fight....>>  

Susiwildcats: Give you both the gloves. Let `s Fight!

Ottawabob: Both boxers look very sexy!!!

Susiwildcats: Come on fighters

Acxx: Should be a good fight

Ottawabob: Hope so!!

Caren: Do your pray

Fgsll: Hello?  

Caren: She's already KO!

Susiwildcats: Let`s start

Caren: Come on  

Susiwildcats: Carol I hope Tina make not unfair punches

Ottawabob: Where's the Bell!!! ?

Morpheus: GO CAREN!  

Tina: Bob looks like he needs a beer

Susiwildcats: caol make you te first punch

Acxx: Come on Tina

Susiwildcats: A hard right it s the best

Denav: Come on Caren, you are our European Hope!

Caren: No Problem

Tworumble: Two problems Caren Tina's left and right...POW

Susiwildcats: Speed Punches you have  

Ottawabob: Beer would be good!!


Caren: I'm not shadow boxing  

Susiwildcats: Oh no

Morpheus: Stick and move Caren, come on!

Tworumble: Hook to her gut Tina!

Acxx: God block, but she left herself open

Tworumble: Kill the body and the head dies.... Go Tina!

Denav: Do you see a new feature on my images? I put an electronic display to see close-up images as in the real arenas

Ssasskam: Cool

Caren: Great

Ssasskam: Excelent images

Denav: Keep your guard up Caren!

Caren: But I check it later

Susiwildcats: Punch hard back

Tworumble: Quite good Denav...  those night lessons are helping your art

Acxx: Ow!!

Susiwildcats: Good a hard Punch to Tina's body

Morpheus: There you go, keep on the inside, keep moving

Denav: Yeah, that's the right reply Caren

Susiwildcats: Continue with more punches Caren go go go

Acxx: The head, Tina, the head

Tworumble: She couldn't knock my grandmother out Tina. Get her out of ther girl. Let's bring the belts home to USA!

Tikitorch: Hey

Denav: Hey guys, do you like to look at the ring girls during the fight?  

Tworumble: NO

Ottawabob: More body punches,Tina!!!  

Ssasskam: Of course

Tworumble: Action.

Tikitorch: Sorry I'm a bit late, fell asleep. Who's winning?  

Acxx: Just started...shhh

Caren: Me

Ssasskam: Ring girls are cool

Denav: The fight has just started, Tiki. Anyway here is a Ringirl of Caesar's Palace 

Tworumble: This is a boxing match I thought, not a fashion show!

Susiwildcats: Ohh

Tikitorch: Ahh

Ssasskam: Cute

Susiwildcats: I see the first Round for Caren

Denav: Well Caesar's Palace is a Casino, so everything is Glamouros

Acxx: Points anyway

Susiwildcats: The Boxers more Sexy  

Acxx: Agrreed  

Tikitorch: Smile

Morpheus: Come on caren, keep your distance

Tikitorch: Whatever the heck happened in round 1, Tina's coming out on fire

Susiwildcats: Oh noo, Caren it is not a good block from you  

Acxx: That's gonna leave a mark

Tina: Left in the kisser......... just as promised

Denav: Caren, please react............ write something...

Tikitorch: Nice block, Caren

Acxx: Yeah, ya did

Susiwildcats: Tina, Caren punch back and very hard in your sweetly face

Denav: ...and tell to your fans that you are OK

Tworumble: Class is showing with Tina having it all!

Tikitorch: She's knocked out already

Caren: I can take it, I'm strong

Susiwildcats: Caren, com'on

Tworumble: Unconscious soon!  

Tikitorch: I'm not even too sure who I'm rooting for

Susiwildcats: Oh yeah a hard left in Tina's face

Tikitorch: Well...Caren's coming back alive

Acxx: Ow! Tina, keep your guard up!

Tikitorch: I think they're just going to exchange punches for the first few rounds, but...

Denav: The display of the arena shows how the left hook was so hard

Tikitorch: I think I'm going to try to watch the fight unbiastly...yeah, that could be hard

Acxx: Each one seems to be going for early KOs, thats for sure

Caren: Yes I do

Tikitorch: Not nescessarily the best strategy, but I'm suprised a fight didn't break out at the weigh-in

Tworumble: Come back hard Tina... more jabbing.