What is it? – On November 7th and subsequent 8th November,

Denav Promotions will present another On-Line Virtual Boxing Event called

“FLYING FISTS and SHIMMERING LEGS”. If you have an Internet Browser

with Yahoo Messenger and would like to attend this live event between

two Female Boxing Champions here’s what you need to do.

What do I do? –

1) Get your free Ticket for the Event by contacting Harold, the ticket agent

on-line. Your Yahoo ID will be required when you get your ticket so

you can join the conference on fight night. 

2) Be on-line 15-minutes or so before the Event starting time to claim

your seat in the arena (right in front of your computer).

You will be invited to the conference using your Yahoo ID.

3) During the conference Denav will give you the link to the images of the fight

Interact with other fans at the Event if you so desire, or just read their

comments. Please note –inappropriate language or misbehavior will not be

tolerated. Respect your fellow participants at all times.

It is simple as 1, 2, and 3.

Is it a one-time only presentation? - No, there will be a number of

presentations of this event on different times and dates to accommodate fans

from different time zones. If you have seen it once and select to view it again

at a different showing, please don’t disclose the coming episodes before they

are presented. The note in step “3” applies …respect your fellow participants.

Plan to come and enjoy this live happening.