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Kayla bounced back on forth on the balls of her feet and punched her boxing gloves together.

She had never been this nervous before. The canvas of the ring felt rough on her bare feet. Kayla was 21 years old, 

with blonde hair and a fairly trim body. Looking across the boxing ring though, she felt self-conscious as she watched

her opponent Jenna.

Jenna was 23, her body tighter and more muscular than Kayla's. The reddish-brown haired girl had a good record of fights, 

winning most by knockouts, either by brutal kicks to the chest and thigs or knees to the belly. The rules were agreed upon

weeks before the fight. Both girls had agreed to Custom Muay Thai Rules - which meant  that every part of their body was 

a legal target - for kicks, punches, or knees. This was a scary thought for the girls, allowing every part of their body to be

vulnerable, but the prize money for the fight would be doubled. Kayla met Jenna in the center of the ring with the referee

to hear the rules again.

Kayla was in a black sport bra and green and black Thai boxing shorts. Jenna was in a white sport bra with pink and 

white Thai shorts. Both girls were fighting completely barefoot and with red boxing gloves. Kalya touched gloves with

Jenna as the ref finished reading the rules. Jenna saw that Kayla was visibly nervous and lightly kicked the other 

girl's ankle with her toes.

"I'll make this quick, honey." Jenna said, ginning. Kayla clenched her teeth and returned to her corner.

Her first real kickboxing match was off to a bad start.  


The bell rang, and Kayla and Jenna bolted out from their corners and met, immediately clashing. Jenna threw a quick jab

at Kayla that caught her squarely in the mouth.

Kayla instinctively put her glove to cover her mouth, and Jenna punched her hard in the belly. Kayla doubled over, and

before the ref could break up the action, Jenna launched a fast kick to Kayla's inner thigh.

Her bare foot smacked hard against Kayla's soft skin, and she fell to the canvas. Jenna backed away, arms raised in victory.

Kayla was so determined not to let her match end so fast. She punched the mat with her fist and got back to her feet. 

Jenna turned around and came back in for another attack. Kayla ducked Jenna's jab and kicked at Jenna's belly.  

Jenna blocked the kick with her leg and hit Kayla with a sraight punch to the chin. 

Kayla grimaced and stepped back, hands up in defense. Jenna faked another punch to the head and came at her with 

a push kick to the belly. Kayla moved at the last minute and dodged the kick and responded with her own kick to Jenna's

outstretched leg. Kayla's foot slapped the inside of Jenna's knee, and Jenna winced in pain.

As soon as Jenna's foot touched the canvas, she launched forward with a huge kick that caught Kayla directly on the right 

breast. Kayla gasped in pain. She struck out blindly and was lucky, as her gloved right found in its turn the way to Jenna's 

right breast. It was the blonde's turn to gasp now. They separated, as they both needed a pause. But the painful blow had 

awakened the fighter hidden within Kayla. She tried, for the first time, a very high kick that hit Jenna squarely in the cheek. 

The brown-haired didn't expect this and staggered a little. Kayla followed the kick with two body blows and a cross to the

chin, but got clubbed again in her left breast by Jenna's powerful right. On that the round ended.  


This time the two girls immediately clashed at the center of the ring, trading punches and leg kicks. Jenna was physically

a little stronger, but Kayla was slightly faster in her blows and landed more of them. The brown-haired began retreating 

and seemed on her defense. Kayla made to follow her but was stopped cold by the worst pain she had ever experimented

as Jenna's bare left foot suddenly lashed out with a front kick and caught her in the right breast, sinking deeply into it. 

The brown-haired beauty's legs gave and she fell to the ground, cupping her wounded breast. Jenna reached her corner,

elated at the thought of having secured her third breast kick k.o. in three matches. The referee counted the fallen girl.

To everyone surprise, Kayla, with tears in her eyes, rose at the eight and the referee judged that she could go on. 

Jenna came to the kill, but had undervaluated the fighter in Kayla. The brown-haired did not find an opening to her 

opponent's breasts, so settled for a vicious thigh kick, but Kayla countered with a surprisingly good side kick. Jenna closed

the distance and pushed Kayla to the rope, then reached for the already hurt right tit bur her punch was blocked.

The bell rang.  


At the beginning of the round, Jenna's pretty face showed her confidence to gain the fight, but changed to a more worried

look as she realized that her opponent was far from out of the fight. Kayla actually attacked her with both kicks and punches,

driving her to the rope, then closed in and began targeting the blonde's breasts. Completely surprised by such an onslaught,  

Jenna wasn't able to defend herself and so accepted a very hard exchange of stomach punches.

Both girls went red, then white in the face with pain, but it was Jenna's tits that were beginning to take the heavier toll. 

She sobbed, then squealed, and desperately clinched her opponent. They wrestled, breast to breast, exchanging kidney 

and rabbit punches.

The referee separated them and the bell rang.  


There was another surprise at the beginning of the fourth round. The girls touched gloves. The mayhem of the previous  

round had quite exhausted them and they felt less aggressive and more respectful of each other's courage. However, the 

fight wasn't over yet. They exchanged some low kicks, then Kayla aimed higher and hit Jenna's belly twice with her foot,

following with a good punch to the nose. The brown-haired beauty backed away but again surprised the less experienced

opponent with a high kick to the face. Luckily for Kayla it was a glancing kick, but it was enough to stop her in her tracks.

Jenna saw an opportunity and jabbed hard her opponent's stomach, then struck with a cross to the cheekbone. Kayla 

clinched and the referee separated them. At the resume, the Jenna immediately let out a circular left kick that smashed into

the side of Kayla's right breast,

driving it hard against the left one. The blond girl squealed and staggered, but somehow managed to keep standing and 

to oppose a barrage of punches to Jenna's continuing attack. The bell, however, saved her from an awkward position. 

Kayla's face began to show the marks of the fight, too, particularly in the swelling cheekbone.  


The girls touched gloves again, then Kayla avoided a hook and struck Jenna's nose again, driving her backwards, and 

suddenly extended her right foot and struck the brown-haired left breast, scoring her first breast kick in the match.

Jenna sobbed with pain, her legs wobbly, but didn't fall down until Kayla speared her into the left nipple with a solid right.

Somehow Kayla knew that the match would not end there: and indeed Jenna rose up at the eight count, red in the face

but not defeated. Kayla struck her nose again, then as her guard came up to protect her face resumed the punishment of 

the brown-haired's unprotected tits. Jenna clinched at once, but Kayla managed to score two more breast uppercuts from 

the clinch position.

After the separation, Kayla kicked the opponent's belly again.  


In spite of the fight's ferocity, the girls touched gloves again. Kayla herself was almost exhausted, but the thought of the 

unhoped-for victory was energizing her and she resumed her attack. The spectators were silent now, and the only sounds  

were the loud smack of leather on flesh, the sharper sound of the occasional kick and the gasps of the girls. At last. Kayla

found the opening that she was waiting for and lashed out with a perfect front kick that precisely struck Jenna's left breast. 

The brown-haired screamed and fell, and Kayla was sure that she had secured the K.O. But Jenna, with an enormous

effort, lifted herself up by the ropes and rose up at the nine, telling the referee that she wanted to continue. 

The man deciced to let the match resume, as there were only twenty seconds to the bell. Kayla knew that she hadn't no time

to lose if she wanted to finish her tough and brave opponent: at the "Box!", she practically jumped on Jenna, drove her to 

the ropes and sank her right glove several times into her face, powering the blows with the maximum force of her shoulder.

Jenna showed her unconquerable fighting spirit by managing to hit twice more more, 

then sank to the ground without a sound, this time, and there was no need to count her as it was obvious that she had 

fainted from pain. The referee decreed the K.O.


Kayla's battle fury subsided at once and she became now worried about her opponent's condition, but luckily Jenna 

recovered after half a minute and rose up, though rather unsteadily at first. Kayla embraced her,

but in doing so their bruised breasts touched and Jenna winced, saying: "Please don't harm them any more, the match is

over". "Sorry! However, mine are not much better. You are a fantastic fighter, and you could well have won." 

"Well, it's you who have been fantastic. And you're a newcomer, too!" Saying so, Jenna lifted Kayla's arm

and everybody applauded heartily. Paul complimented Jenna, too. "Anyway, I want a rematch." said the brown-haired girl 

"Only not too soon!"