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The place where we boxed was in a garage, a big one with a second-floor office.  The ring was a 12 by 12 foot square

of wrestling mats, no ropes. They had space heaters so it wasn’t too cold. I met my opponent in our hosts’ home before

we went to the garage. She’s short. No, really, not even five feet tall! She looked, honest, like a snowman made with just

two snowballs. A round body (she claimed to be 196 lbs. Maybe she is. Maybe I’m a size 8 LOL) topped by a big old head.

Not that she’s unattractive. But some people have a big head, you know? Actually I keep trying to figure out which

Spanish-surname actress she reminds me of, but no luck on that yet. Rosemary was very polite. She thanked me for giving

her a match. It was hard for her to get bouts because most women who box are 120-140 lbs or so. She said she’s 5-0 boxing,

with three KO’s.  I couldn’t help myself! I said, “Against regular size people or just ‘midget boxing’ ?” She glowered at me.

We changed and got to the ring. We were wearing these really cool white 12 oz boxing gloves, official IWBF sanctioned gloves.

I was trying to figure out how to swipe them when I saw Rosemary. Now picture this woman; no, picture a Hobbit lady from

Lord of the Rings. She was wearing cotton jersey boxing trunks so high up on her body that there was, literally, less than three

inches between the top of her boxing trunks and her Everlast sports bra.

“What, so the only place I can hit her is in the breasts?” I asked the ref. I was wearing my normal solid royal blue boxing

trunks and a snug black t-back tank top. After some haggling, Rosemary said she would wave any fouls for hitting her low.

Wasn’t sure how low I could hit on her anyway. “In this corner, weighing in at 173 lbs, wearing blue trunks, Krissykiss40!

And her opponent, weighing it at 196 lbs, wearing grey trunks, the undefeated Rosemary A.!”

The ref rang the bell and we started in. Rosemary came at me hard, throwing hooks and crosses. I have never had such

a big reach advantage. I hit her with four or five jabs, most of which she blocked, but two got through, before she was

in range to hit me. Then her way of attacking left her open to straight punches. I gave her some. Many.  I was just pounding

on her, and even when she got in close, she was open to my jabs. She threw hard, heavy punches. I could tell she’s trained

a lot on a heavy bag. Every punch was a “home run swing” intended to knock me down with just a single punch.

She hit my upper arm once and my lower arm felt numb for a second. She was fighting flat-footed, which increased

my height advantage since I was up on my toes. The bell rang to end Round 1, and we went to our corners.

My husband told me not to stand and slug with her, to fight Rosemary at arms’ length. Wish I could have heard her corner.

She brought her 20 year old son as her “corner.” How weird would that be, like “Use your jab, Ma?”

We came out for Round 2.  I socked her really good with a straight right that made Rosemary step back.

She came right back at me, still punching away but her style was just not a good one. Her arms are really short and leading

with the hook means she’s got to be really close to land punches, and that big head! What a target. I couldn’t miss,

and the gloves were new and tight, so I could really fire at her. Got to give her credit, though.

I consider myself a pretty tough broad, and Rosemary took my best shots and just kept on after me.

I was actually starting to get a little nervous, because things were very one-sided. She was definitely hurting me when

she landed body blows, but she wasn’t doing that much because I was getting to her.

Later in the 2nd round, Rosemary started throwing head shots and things heated up. I would hit her, and Rosemary would

get in and fire on me. Not very pretty, but everybody there was getting into as we did. Rosemary was definitely ringing

my bell, but I was still throwing more leather than she was, and feeding it to her good. By the closing moments of Round 2

we were both just going at it, back and forth, slugging away, almost all head shots.

After the 2nd round, my husband told me to “box” and not just “fight.” I understood what he was telling me, and nodded

as he popped my mouthpiece back in. I zoomed across the ring to answer the bell for Round 3 and immediately banged

Rosemary with a monster right. She staggered, and I pressed her, and caught her with a left that decked her.

She landed really hard on her ass, just as if someone had yanked her chair out from under her.

Still, she got up, wiped her gloves off on her boxing trunks, put up her gloves and came back at me.

I smacked her with, I must say, a text-book combination, and the right slammed Rosemary’s head to one side.

Instead of standing there, I circled, jabbing at her.  Rosemary pursued me, but I wouldn’t go toe-to-toe with her.

It was one, two, or even three jabs, then I would drill a straight right to the body or head.

Boy, could she take it. She tried several times to close with me and I would just NOT let her, and I stopped her by socking

her over and over, and still she just kept plugging along back for more, like “The Little Engine That Could.”

We were scheduled for six rounds. The referee, our host, would make the decision. As far as I could see,

I was at least up 3-0 on rounds, maybe 2-1 at worst. I wasn’t sure how the scoring would work so I figured I would try

to end the bout sooner. We both jumped from our corners and went at each other hard as soon as Round 4 started.

Not much defense from either of us.  Alright, no defense from either of us. Just a fast-paced, back and forth, all out brawl.

Considering how much punishment Rosemary had taken, she was able to hit hard and fast. We just fought and fought,

almost non-stop. There were occasional, short breaks, when one of us would step back for a second.

No matter who stepped back, the other woman would just roll her shoulders and shake out her arms,

waiting for her opponent, then we would get it on some more. Late in the 4th round, I started hitting Rosemary

in a more one-sided way. I landed the last five or six punches of Round 4, and the last one sent Rosemary back down

on her ass. The bell rang before the count could start, and even though she took her time getting up, she did,

and went back to her corner. As soon as she sat down, Rosemary started tapping her gloves together,

like she was anxious to get back into it. “OK, “ I commented to my husband, “that is one tough lady!”

She fired out of her corner and came at me, and I met Rosemary with a big overhand right hand that hit her

between the eyes. She stopped in her tracks, and I slammed a jab that landed on her face as well.

Her hands drooped a bit, so I hit Rosemary with another straight left. She got up on her toes and put her guard up higher,

so I ducked and socked her in her belly below the waistband of her boxing trunks. Rosemary started to double over,

and I fired a right cross which missed her. She punched me in the stomach, coming up as she threw it.

We traded a couple hard shots, and then I backed off. When Rosemary followed, I hit her with two jabs, the first one to sting,

the second to hurt. I knocked that big ol’ head off hers straight backward, and when her head came forward,

it just kept coming forward as Rosemary toppled face down on the mat. I really expected her to just get back up,

but it took her to the count of “four” to get up on her hands and knees, and while Rosemary got herself into the sort

of kneeling position you associate with Church by “six,” that was all. 

“The winner by knockout, at 33 seconds of the 5th round…..Krissykiss!”