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Amy and Kelly are two of the most beautiful girls to ever walk the planet. The fact that they are strong and very

competitive only adds to their sex appeal.   This is a story of how they finally met and settled once and for all,

who is better. Since they are evenly matched in looks and talent, their rivalry can only be decided with a physical fight

and a clear winner. Amy first met Kelly in Junior High School. Kelly moved to town the summer before they entered

the 8th grade. Amy had seen Kelly around town, but was not sure who she was. The first day of school, she found out.

She was a new student in her class. For the last few years, Amy was considered by most to be the hottest girl in school.

And she knew it. She had developed quite early. Standing 5’ 8” tall , weighing roughly 135 lbs, long blonde hair

and blue eyes. She had a very athletic body, and she was always tan. She often wore skirts to show off her strong legs,

but it was when she wore tight blue jeans that she really showed off the best ass in school. Amy was an OK student,

but spent most of her time participating in school sports. She played JV soccer in the fall and ran track in the spring.

 She had a very strong body from training in the weight room almost every day.

When Kelly first arrived at school, Amy immediately noticed that she had competition. Not just for the guys in school,

but looking at Kelly’s body, she may have competition in soccer and track as well. Kelly was also 5’8” and weighed

about 135 as well.   She had blonde hair and blue eyes, but her hair was a bit darker. She also cut it short in the back

and had bangs in the front that almost covered her eyes. Kelly’s body was very developed and athletic as well.

On the first day of school, Amy could see her strong legs exposed by the short skirt she wore. The first time Amy and Kelly

met was in the gym after school. Kelly had just started jogging on a treadmill as Amy entered.  Amy took the vacant

treadmill right next to Kelly. Both girls were wearing tight shorts and sports bras with white sneakers. Amy could see

the pace Kelly was running and how long she had been at it. Always the competitor, Amy set a pace just faster than

Kelly and the two of them ran side by side. After about 30 minutes, but girls were covered with sweat, and both were

running at max speed on the treadmill. After about an hour of running, both girls slowed down and began cooling down.

It was at this time that Amy introduced herself to Kelly. "Hi.  My name is Amy." as Amy extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Amy.  I’m Kelly." They shook hands. Both girls had a firm, strong grip. "You’re a pretty good runner."

Amy said. "Thanks !!" replied Kelly. "I’m getting ready for track in the Spring." Amy had been the school’s top distance

runner for 2 years now. "Oh ?!" replied Amy. "I run track too. Looks like we may be up against each other in the Spring."

"Looks that way" replied Kelly. As expected, Amy and Kelly competed for the top spot on the girls track team.

Neither could beat the other consistently.  When one of them won a race, the other won the next race. As they got older,

they became friends. They hung out with the same crowd and spent lots of time over each other’s house. One day,

during their Junior year of High School, Amy and Kelly were watching TV when Amy began flipping channels. She stopped

on a show featuring Women’s Boxing. After watching for a bit, but girls decided that they wanted to go out and buy

some boxing gloves and boxing outfits to see how they looked in them. After shopping for a bit, they found their favorite

outfits and came home to get dressed. Amy and Kelly watched each other pull on the tight sports bras and silk boxing shorts

and boxing boots. They ended up getting very close when they had to help each other on with the gloves.

After getting dressed, the two girls just stared at each other in silence for a minute. Both thinking they would like to fight

the other, but both too nervous. They just glared confidently at the other. Both knowing what was on the other’s mind.

Both really wanting to know who is better. Through their senior year in High School, Amy and Kelly remained friends.

They participated in several activities that tested their competitive spirit. They worked out together and tried to see who could

lift more weight. They bought new boxing outfits and posed for each other. One day, they even arm wrestled to see

who was stronger. No clear winner was determined. After High School, the girls went off to different colleges, but still kept

in touch through letters and e-mails. They wrote about how school was going and what they were up to in their social life.

Amy was a college cheerleader in her part time and spend some time modeling on the side, trying to get discovered.

Kelly took up beach volleyball and also spent some time modeling. One day, Kelly wrote to Amy and told her how

she had taken up boxing and took lessons 3 times a week at the local gym. She loved it and thought it was the best workout.

Thinking she was tough enough to do the same, Amy signed up for boxing lessons. She even did a little sparring

now and then. Over the next few months, Amy and Kelly e-mailed each other telling of how they faught another girl

at the gym and knocked her out. Neither of them had lost a fight. As both Amy and Kelly read about how the other won

a fight, each wondered if they should get together and box. Neither made the call……….yet. One day, Amy was passing

by the magazine aisle at the local supermarket and saw on the front page of a fashion magazine a girl posing ,

wearing boxing gloves. After a closer look, she saw it was Kelly. She bought the magazine and took it home.

There was a story inside about how a local model / boxer had been discovered and signed to a million dollar

modeling contract. Amy couldn’t believe it. Her friend had achieved what she had only dreamed of. Unable to control

her jealousy, Amy quickly called Kelly. "You bitch. Why didn’t you tell me you were discovered by a modeling agency."

Kelly replied by saying, "Because I knew you would react this way. You’ve always been jealous of me."

After a heated discussion over the phone, Amy insisted that she was far better looking and a better boxer to boot.

The fact that Kelly got a modeling contract was a joke. Kelly fired back saying how she was the better boxer and far

better looking. In a rage, Amy challenged Kelly to meet her after hours at her gym, in the ring, where the two of them

could find out once and for all, who was better. Kelly could not accept the challenge fast enough. Amy and Kelly agreed

to meet a week later in the privacy of a closed gym. They would fight in a ring with an unlimited number of rounds

until a winner is determined. An electronic timer would ring a bell every 3 minutes and allow 1 minute between rounds.

They agreed to fight until one was knocked out, or could no longer continue.


Amy arrived at her gym a few minutes before 10 pm and unlocked the back door. She turned on the lights and walked

towards the locker room. The gym was hot and pretty dark except for the well lit ring. Amy was wearing blue jeans and

a white sports bra. She entered the locker room to change. Kelly arrived shortly after and entered the gym. She followed

the signs to the locker room to change as well. She was wearing a black mini skirt and blue top. When Kelly entered the gym,

Amy was just about changed. Kelly looked Amy over. Looking better than she did in High School. Weighing about 130 lbs.

Long blonde hair hanging loose. She was wearing a white sports bra and very short red boxing trunks with white trim.  

White boxing boots. Her body glistened with sweat as she slipped on her red boxing gloves. Her body is tan and strong.

Her arms are very muscular and her legs are solid as a rock.

Kelly spoke first…….. "So you actually showed up for your beating, huh Amy ?!"

Amy glared back…….."Get changed and get your ass in that ring so I can destroy you.  I’m gonna kick your ass tonight."

Amy walked to the ring while Kelly changed. After about 5 minutes, Kelly emerged from the locker room and headed

to the ring. Kelly was wearing a white sports bra and very short blue boxing shorts. Her boxing boots were blue, as were

her gloves. She still weighed about 135 lbs and her hair was still a bit darker than Amy’s. Short in the back and bangs that

almost covered her eyes. Her body was tan and very strong. Especially her arms. Glistening with sweat from the hot gym,

Kelly climbed into the ring to meet Amy for their long awaited fight. Amy and Kelly met each other at center ring.

Both glaring at each other. Both choosing to NOT wear mouthpieces for this battle. Each wanting to hurt the other badly.

They stood nose to nose, staring each other down for several minutes. Not speaking a word. Trying to psyche each other out.

Finally, they backed up to their corners where Amy started the timer for the bell. Both girls banged their gloves together and

awaited the bell. They couldn’t wait to fight. This brawl had been brewing for years. The two of them are equal size and

neither has ever lost a fight. This should be quite a brawl. DING !!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy and Kelly rush at each other with gloves up as they met at center ring. Circling. Both looking for an opening.

Amy punches first with a left hook aimed at Kelly’s right ribs followed by a straight right to Kelly’s nose. Kelly lowers her guard

to block the rib punch and is left wide open for the punch to the nose. The punch snaps Kelly’s head back as sweat flies.

She takes a step back to shake off the punch. Kelly quickly counters with a left hook to Amy’s jaw followed by a right to

Amy’s left eye. Amy is able to block the hook to her jaw, but Kelly’s right comes over her glove and nails her left eye.

Amy’s head snaps to the side as sweat flies. Amy moves to her right and raises her guard again to recover from the punch.

So far the fight is off to a very fast start. Both girls trade hard punches, trying to gain the early advantage. However,

they are both very strong and can take quite a bit of punishment. Amy fights back with a left right combo aimed at Kelly’s

nose. Kelly tries to block the hard punches, but they split her gloves and pound into her nose, snapping her head back again.

Kelly stands her ground and counters with a hard right uppercut to Amy’s chin that stuns the pretty blonde.

Both girls slug away at each other. Defense is pretty much out the window as they trade lefts and rights toe to toe.

Neither backing down, and neither letting up. What a start to this brawl. The bell rings, marking the end of the first round.

However, neither girl seems to hear it. They fight right through the break and into the second round without letting up.

The punches fly relentlessly to the face and body. All you can hear are the sounds of gasping and leather gloves hitting

sweaty skin. After about 20 minutes of fighting, well into the 6th round without a break, a crushing right uppercut by Kelly

slams into Amy’s chin. Amy’s head snaps back and she staggers to the ropes and covers up. This is the first time in the fight

that either girl has shown she is really hurt. Kelly moves after Amy, looking for an opening, hoping to drop her rival.

Kelly slams a left right combo to Amy’s belly to bring her guard down. Kelly then pounds a right hook into Amy’s jaw that

finally drops the sweaty fighter. As stated in their rules, they would fight until one is knocked out, or can no longer continue

Kelly steps back to catch her breath while she watches to see if Amy can continue. After about 30 seconds, Amy pulls herself

to her feet and faces Kelly. At this point, Amy kicks the timer off the ring apron. There will be no breaks between rounds.

They will fight until there is a winner. Amy moves cautiously after Kelly. Looking for an opening. Kelly comes at Amy,

looking to drop her again. Amy stops Kelly in her tracks with a hard left jab to her nose followed by a right hook to Kelly’s

ribs. Kelly stumbles back in pain, trying to recover from the punches. As Amy moves in, Kelly fires a quick right to Amy’s left

eye as the two fighters trade punches again. Both fighters stand toe to toe in the center of the ring slaming punch after punch

into the other’s face and body. Neither showing signs of letting up. Amy and Kelly cannot punch each other enough.

The brawl away, punishing the other with lefts and rights. Their gloves now heavy with sweat from the fight. They have been

fighting now for 45 straight minutes with no end in sight. Suddenly, Amy slams a powerful right into Kelly’s jaw that hurts

the pretty fighter. Kelly stumbles back into the ropes and bounces off them. She falls towards Amy. The two sweaty fighters

crash together and lock up in a hot, sweaty clinch. Holding each other and gasping for air. Both trying to catch their breath.

Finally, Amy pushes Kelly away and drops her with a powerful left hook to the side of her face. Kelly is down for the first time

in her life. She is badly hurt as she lies on the canvas. Amy watches her to see if she can fight on. After almost 2 minutes,

Kelly struggles to her feet, ready to continue the brawl. This time it is Amy who is on the attack and moves in to finish

her rival off. But Kelly is ready for her and dances away, trying to recover. The two weary figters stalk each other. Circling.

Each looking for a way to gain the advantage and finish the other off. Both are covered with sweat. Their arms and legs

are tired, but both are still in amazing shape. No telling how long they can keep this up. Kelly fires a hard right to Amy’s

left eye. Amy fires a right of her own to Kelly’s nose. Kelly takes the punch and counters with a quick left to Amy’s jaw.

Amy shakes it off and pounds a hard left into Kelly’s temple. Neither fighter backing down as they match each other punch

for punch. The fight continues past the 1 hour mark with neither fighter able to gain the advantage. Not sure how much

more punishment either of them can take. After several minutes of toe to toe brawling, the girls clinch again.  Leaning into

each other. Their heads on each other’s shoulders as they try to pound body punches into each other. Amy and Kelly wrestle

in a tight clinch for several minutes. Taking turns hitting each other with hard body shots. The body shots finally take their toll

on both girls. They both drop to their knees, facing each other at center ring. Neither able to stand and continue the fight.

While on their knees, the model brawl continues……………… Amy slams a left right combo to Kelly’s jaw, snapping Kelly’s

head back.    Kelly fights back with a left of her own to Amy’s nose, followed by a right uppercut to Amy’s chin. Amy attacks

again with a hard right to Kelly’s nose. Kelly follows with a right to Amy’s nose. The girls brawl away. Back and forth.

Punch after punch finds its mark. Who will be able to deliver the final blow. What a fight !!!!! Finally Amy delivers a blow

that practically spins Kelly’s head completely around. Kelly falls to her side, out cold. Amy kneels over her to see if she can

continue. No movement from Kelly. 10 minutes pass. Kelly is still out cold. Amy is finally able to rise to her feet and place

her boot on Kelly’s motionless body and strike a victory pose, flexing both biceps as she looks down at her defeated rival.

Amy has finally proven herself against her long time friend and rival with a clear victory. Will there be a rematch??