Fight n°3



WIBF Junior Lightweight European Title

10-2 Minute Rounds


TRIX "Fitness Queen" FISHER

(Germany) - Champion



(Spain) - Challenger


Introduction – Welcome to Fox Sports for Sunday, August 26, 2007! We are airing the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF)

Junior Lightweight European Title match, sponsored by Hooters, Apple, Leggs, BMW, Coca-Cola, and other usual sponsors, live from the

large TROPICANA Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. Trix “Fitness Queen” Fischer, champion, and Miranda Morales, challenger, are going

to fight in this fistic frenzy in a few minutes.  Meanwhile, we will give you a Tale of The Tape.  The current champion is Trix “Fitness

Queen” Fischer, but the title may change hands by the end of this boxing match. Trix’s information is as follows:

Weight – 58,8kg / 129lbs

Age – 34 years old

Location – Heidelberg, Germany

Fight Record - 14 wins (6 by KO) / 2 losses / 1 draw

Titles Held – WIBF Junior Lightweight European Champion since March 2006

Although her fight record is less impressive than her opponent’s record, Miranda Morales has held two different championships and 

her age and weight may give her more stamina to endure the “Fitness Queen” in ten grueling 2-minute rounds.

Weight – 57,6kg / 127lbs

Age – 26 years old 

Location – Madrid, Spain

Fight Record – 8 wins (2 by KO) / 3 losses (1 by KO) / 1 draw

Titles Held – 2004 Amateur Boxing World Champion, 2005 and 2006 Spanish Pro Boxing Lightweight Champion 

Both European boxers are going to exert all of their efforts and energy to win this important fight. The announcer enters the ring and

introduces the referee. Soon, he calls Miranda Morales out to the ring. The lights dim, and red, yellow, and blue lights swivel to Miranda

Morales’s entrance. At the same time, the Spanish anthem blares out, and Miranda Morales strides out of her locker room in a green,

hooded “Everlast” robe with white trim, green boots, and red gloves through a fine mist. She takes large and confident steps, but she is

obviously a little nervous, judging by her visage and her bowed head.  

Although nearly half of the fans cheered for her vigorously, she does not look up once to acknowledge their support. Miranda goes under

the ropes and into the ring, where her corner man helps her take off her robe to reveal her dark hair, a white “Everlast” top, a tattoo of a

heart with wings, and a green skirt with a black and green checkered pattern, white trim, and an image of a bull above her name.  

Her corner man inserts a green mouthpiece into her mouth, massages her shoulders, and encourages her.

Now it is Trix Fischer’s turn to enter. The German anthem sounded, calling the champion to the ring and causing the majority of the fans 

to cheer and whistle for her. She raised her right fist into the air, pausing briefly in her tracks. The champion continued her path into the

square arena in which her opponent stood. The colored lights shone on her like a spotlight as she looked at her fans, promising them a

great match with her confidant eyes. Trix is wearing a black, hooded robe with yellow trim, red boots and gloves, and the red and yellow

WIBF Junior Lightweight European Championship belt around her waist.

The German female continues to her corner, where she sheds her robe and her belt, showing her red hair, a purple tattoo, black "Adidas"

top and black shorts with her name embroidered on it. Her corner man pops a white mouthpiece into her mouth and gives her

encouragement as she stretches. Trix glares across the ring at Miranda, who looks away. In a few moments, the referee calls both boxers

over to discuss the rules. Trix continues to stare at her opponent, who does not meet her eyes. At the end of the rules, Miranda holds up

her fists to tap gloves with Trix, who taps with a single right hand.

Both fighters head back to their corners, ready to face each other for the championship.

Round 1 – Miranda seems to have lost most of her confidence after Trix’s stares and aggressive glove tap. However, her skill allowed

her to block Trix’s straight left with her own right glove.

She was not prepared; however, for stunning straight right that forced her backwards. The champion continues to pressure her challenger

with crunching hooks and jabs. Trix keeps on sending powerful, numbing barrages against her opponent, pushing Miranda’s back against

the ropes. Miranda Morales raises her guard to block a right hook, but it is just a feint as Trix sends a right blast down into Miranda’s 

right breast.

Determined to wear the Spanish boxer down further, the champion sent right and left gloved bombs into her opponent’s head and

stomach, until, finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of the first round. Both fighters walked slowly back to their corners for refreshment. 

Trix’s corner encourages her to continue the onslaught, while Miranda’s corner gives her advice and encourages her to fight back and

improve her guard.

Round 2 – Both females walk to the middle of the ring, firing punches into each other’s red-gloved guards. Miranda seems to have taken

her corner’s advice well and sends a right jab into Trix’s face. 

Taking the opportunity of an unguarded stomach, the Spanish boxer blasts her opponent’s abdomen with several, swift, and powerful

punches. Trix doubles over from the ferocity, allowing Miranda to unleash a devastating uppercut. The champion falls backwards and lays

stretched on the canvas. The referee is counting her out as Miranda looks on, hoping it was enough to score a knockout. Unfortunately for

Morales, her opponent gets to her feet by the count of five. Trix meets Miranda in the middle of the ring again with only a few seconds left

in the round. The champion is able to block a couple of punches until her opponent smashes through the red gloves with a straight right,

turning Trix’s head. 

Both fighters listen intently to their advisors, who encourage them to increase their efforts. The two women are slightly refreshed, sit, 

and wait for the third round to start.

Round 3 – Trix and Miranda burst out of their corners in an attempt to win this round. They pummel away at each other with flurries 

of rights and lefts. They seem to have forgotten that they still have over a minute and a half left in this round. They continue to give and

receive blows, becoming more and more exhausted. With a minute still left on the clock, neither woman has gained any ground.  

Suddenly, Trix lands a smashing left hook on her opponent’s right side, under the glove guard.

Miranda quickly covers up her abdomen to prevent further punishment to her stomach, but receives several gloved lefts and rights to her

now unprotected head. Trix assaults her opponent with brutal jabs, hooks, and a couple of one-two combinations. She quickly winds up 

a haymaker and unleashes it, knocking Miranda down. The Spanish fighter gets back up at the count of seven. She courageously clashes

with the champion in the center of the ring. Miranda taps into her inner strength and fires off several jabs into the head of the champion. 

Trix ducks underneath one of the jabs, giving her opponent a right jab of her own. Caught by surprise, Miranda Morales staggers back 

a couple of steps, defending herself well. Behind her red-gloved guard, she dodges to the right, catching a left uppercut to her chin. 

Dazed, she lowers her guard and fires a right jab at Trix’s head.

Staggering back a few more steps, Miranda hides herself behind her defense, trying to endure the last seconds of the round. 

At last, the bell rings, a relief to her.

Round 4 – More confident, Trix erupts from her corner, wearing down Miranda with staggering lefts and rights. Again, Miranda tries to

defend herself and make a stand, but she is pushed backwards against the ropes. Trix comes up to her with a big left swing, crunching

against Miranda’s right cheek and causing Miranda’s circling right to miss its mark.

Instantly recovering from the huge impact, Miranda takes the opportunity to shoot a smashing left to her opponent’s nose. Now it is 

the champion’s turn to cover up as the challenger summons a vast amount of strength and will from within. Miranda unleashes a barrage

after another of punches to the torso and head, slipping past Trix’s dwindling defenses. Slowly but surely, Miranda pushes Trix backwards

to the other side of the ring. Miranda’s fans are flooding the stadium with their deafening cheers. With a huge effort, she weaves a huge 

left hook around her opponent’s weak guard and explodes it into Trix’s right cheek, twisting her opponent’s head to the left.

Drastically weakened from the extremely powerful punch, Trix sags against the ropes, about to plunge to the canvas beneath her. 

The champion gives a valiant effort and finds the strength to somehow stay upright. She fends off Miranda with a few jabs, dodging left

and right to evade more blows. The closing bell saves her from any further attacks from this round.

Round 5 – Rejuvenated by the excellent work of her corner, Trix slowly walks to the center of the ring. In the middle of throwing a right

jab, Miranda is caught by surprise by a massive right by Trix, and totters backwards a few steps. 

Pursuing her injured opponent, Trix fires off rapid, hard salvos at Miranda. Miranda is stuck in a corner, bombarded by the aggressive

champion. With about still twenty seconds remaining in this round, Miranda may find herself injured too badly, at the rate this is going,

unless she makes her aggressor retreat. And she does! The challenger ducks under the hail of blows and launches a jaw-cracking uppercut

to the champion’s chin. Trix, wobbles backwards, trying desperately to defend herself from her empowered foe. At the center of the ring,

she makes her comeback; she tries to land a left jab, but is clobbered by a punishing left hook.

Trix desperately clinches with Miranda, who is glad for the brief moments of rest. However, they heard the closing bell of this brutal round,

what they had longed to hear for more than half of the round.

Round 6 – Both weary boxers trudge out of their corners, hoping for an easy round. They clinch after a few punches from each other. 

The referee breaks them up and they stay an arm’s length away from each other, looking for an opening and occasionally throwing a few

jabs. Trix ducks and attempts to wear her down further by working Miranda’s stomach like a punch bag with hooks, jabs,and combinations,

trying to gain the upper hand. Determined not to be injured further, Miranda crouches and repels the champion with a crunching uppercut.

 From there, she drives Trix backwards to the ropes, who fires a right hook to Miranda’s head. Miranda dodges it and blasts her foe’s

stomach with a hard left hook. 

Trix retaliates instantly with an uppercut that catches Miranda’s right cheek, bruising the cheekbone and gives the German female 

the chance to get off the ropes. Trix makes the mistake of lowering her guard as she follows her opponent, allowing Miranda the

opportunity of hurling a flood of stinging punches, pushing Trix against the ropes again. Reaching underneath to attack her challenger’s

stomach yet again, Miranda dodges to the left and propels a left uppercut to the champion’s chin, stunning her and snapping her head

backwards. Trix’s left cheekbone starts to swell from one of Miranda’s powerful punches earlier. 

Instinctively, Trix clinches with her worthy opponent, preventing more punishment, until the sixth round is over.

Round 7 – Refreshed, both women head out to clash against each other once again. They seem to be following the strategy from the

earlier round – sparse action until the last minute of the round. They use some “test” punches as they analyze the other’s defenses. 

Unlike the sixth round, Miranda begins her assault with a left jab to the head at about thirty seconds into the round. Reacting swiftly, Trix

surges forward with a strong left jab that snaps her challenger’s head backwards. Meanwhile, Miranda wildly swings an ineffective right

hook that grazes Trix’s left breast.

Trix continues to make Miranda retreat with volleys of right and left hooks. Knowing that she must get out of this predicament, the Spanish

boxer dodges and spins out of Trix’s reach, to the center of the ring, preparing her defense and revenge. The German boxer gets within

reach, and Miranda puts her weight behind an enormous right hook that targets Trix’s swollen right cheekbone. At the same time, Trix

throws a circling left hook at Miranda’s bruised right cheekbone. Miranda’s punch spins her opponent’s head to the right while the left hook

by the champion slams its target, but with less power.

Miranda and Trix both stumble backwards just as the seventh round ends. They both relax before another grueling round.  

Round 8 – Both European ladies plod to the center of the ring with even less enthusiasm. Circling around each other, both exhausted

fighters look for an opening and conserve energy. Finally, Miranda summons more of her inner strength and batters Trix back against 

the ropes. Miranda’s weariness overcomes her and she cannot continue the pressure against Trix. Taking this opportunity to score more

points and deteriorate her defenseless opponent’s condition, the champion lobs a round of stinging left and right combinations to Miranda’s

head. Too worn-out to defend herself, the Spanish woman clinches with her assailant. Trix grazes a left punch against her rival’s stomach,

and Miranda frantically clutches the fist, to avoid more pain caused by it. 

The bell rings, allowing both boxers to sink into their welcoming corners and restore some of their energy. The break seems short as 

a Hooters ring girl signals the beginning of the ninth round. Trix’s corner man picks up his equipment and gives his charge a quick sip 

of cool water and some parting advice and encouragement.  

Round 9 – This being an important round for Trix, she charges over to Miranda’s corner and wallops the other female boxer with 

a tremendous right hook to the torso before she even had a chance to defend properly herself. 

Using her reserves of energy and strength, the German champion continues to work on every major part of her opponent’s body, such as

her bruised cheekbone, chin, and stomach. Soon, the punishment forces Miranda back into her own corner. Yearning to gain a win via

knockout, Trix feinted a left jab to the stomach and hurls a power-packed right uppercut into her opponent’s chin, draining most of

Miranda’s energy. Unable to continue standing, the dark-haired boxer slumped in her corner. Trix went to a neutral corner as the referee

counts out her fallen rival. Trix’s brutal uppercut is not enough to stop Miranda’s strong will. At the count of nine, Miranda is on her feet

and pleads with the referee to allow her to continue. The German antagonist tries to continue her work on her badly injured foe, but

Miranda quickly and wisely clinches with the champion to survive the last few seconds of this round. 

The bell finally clangs, finishing the second-to-last round. Those intense two minutes must have felt like forever to Miranda Morales.  

Her fans hope she will have enough strength to give us one last round.  

Round 10 – Again taking the offensive, Trix bursts out of her corner, her strong determination refueling her strength and energy.  

This time, Miranda is somewhat ready for the blitz; she forms a strong guard to hold off the extremely aggressive Trix. However, Trix’s

power and experience assists her in penetrating Miranda’s glove shield. Miranda instinctively whirls out of Trix’s reach, but the German

female reacts quickly, staying in front of her prey. Deciding that the time to continue her assault is when her opponent’s back is against 

the ropes, Trix loops a stiff right hook around Miranda’s glove guard and into the bruised left cheekbone.  The shocking impact twists 

the Spanish female’s head to the right.

The massive punch does not seem to stop Miranda for even a moment; she is determined to get out of the way of Trix’s powerful blows. 

Miranda Morales spins to reverse their positions and away from the ropes, but pays for the escape with a bludgeoning left uppercut, 

her left hook whizzing in front Trix’s head, missing its target. 

Miranda clinches with Trix, trying to at least endure the last few moments of the last round. At last, for poor Miranda, the bell clangs,

signaling the end of the entire conflict. Both return to their corners before receiving the judgment.  

Results – The announcer announces: <<The winner….by unanimous decision…!>>  All of the fans, of both sides, hush to discover who

would walk out with the WIBF Junior Lightweight European Title <<…from Heidelberg, Germany….Trix “Fitness Queen” Fischer!>>

continues the announcer.  The fans erupt in a mass of cheering and applause, even Miranda’s, because she, at least, gave her best effort. 

The referee raises Trix “Fitness Queen” Fischer’s left fist. Trix smiles for the first time tonight and raises her right fist in triumph as Miranda

Morales looks on.  

The Hooters ring girl clasps the WIBF Junior Lightweight European Title around Trix’s waist. The champion continues her celebration,

standing on the second rope of one of the corners, triumphant and acknowledging her fans’ support and applause. 

In a show of good sportsmanship, both courageous female boxers embrace each other. They pose for an exclusive Denav Channel

photograph, Trix “Fitness Queen” Fischer on the left and Miranda Morales on the right. They stand smiling, bruised cheekbone to bruised

cheekbone, glad that their ordeal was finally over.

Could this be the start of a beautiful friendship?  Will they meet in the ring again?  Only time will tell.