Fight n°3



WIBF Junior Lightweight European Title

10-2 Minute Rounds


TRIX "Fitness Queen" FISHER

(Germany) - Champion



(Spain) - Challenger


Greetings Ladies and Gentleman!  Welcome to the much anticipated World International Boxing Federation Junior European Lightweight

Championship. My name is Griffy and I will offer the colour commentary for the BBC fight fans for this evening’s program.  

First let’s look at the side by side prepared by our able staff and now appearing on your screen:

Red Corner - Champion STATS Blu Corner - Challenger
The Fitness Queen NICKNAME --
34 AGE 26
Heidelberg (Germany) HOMETOWN Madrid (Spain)
14 WINS 8

As you can see the combatants in tonight title clash are well matched. The entrance music is playing and the challenger is entering 

the arena. As soon as the fans saw Miranda enter the arena, they erupted with applause. She looked focused and confident as she strode

gracefully down the aisle to the ring.

Trix entering from the opposite side of the ring cast an intimidating glare toward her opponent. She wore her WIBF Championship belt

with the elegance of a queen.

While they received their instructions at centre ring Miranda looked down toward the floor while Trix attempted to engage her in a stare

down. When directed to do so, the two women extended their gloved fists for the traditional handshake.

At the bell for round one, both women advanced toward their opponent swiftly. The red-haired boxer started the offence with a stiff 

left jab that was caught in the right palm of Miranda’s glove.

Throughout the opening period, Trix assumed the role of aggressor; using strong punches to knock Miranda back toward the ring ropes. 

She fired a powerful right hand punch that split the gloves of her foe blasting Miranda’s head painfully to the side.

Miranda charged across the ring on the attack as round two started. Firing several lead jabs to create an opening through Trix’s defence. 

When she saw the opportunity she rifled a ram rod straight right jab that crushed the nose of the red-head. 

Ms Morales continued to press her attack against Trix in the second session. Her powerful right hand blows broke through the champ’s

gloved defence exploding against her head with stunning impact. How much more of this pounding could she take?

"The Fitness Queen" displayed her fighter’s heart when she opened round three with a blistering bombardment of potent haymakers.

Debilitating hooks to the body of the challenger had her doubling over in pain. It was the champ’s opportunity to pay back her adversary

for the abuse she suffered in round two.

The powerful red-head responded quickly when Miranda telegraphed an arching right cross. Stepping inside the swing, she fired 

a rocket-like left uppercut that exploded against the challenger’s jaw first.  Miranda was shaken by that powerful strike. Before she could

recover Trix fired a salvo of short-armed punches to her head and body. Ms Morales’ face was bruised and swollen from the hurtful blows

of the champ. 

In round four, the battle grew even more intense. Ms Fischer continued to press her advantage working her hooks and inside attacks 

to pummel the brunette back toward the ropes.

Just as it looked like the champ had established control, Miranda came flurrying back with her own powerful offence. Her arsenal of hooks

and assorted combinations sent the "Fitness Queen" reeling backward. So it went throughout the fourth stanza, back and forth 

the momentum swung in a round that was too close to call.

Early in the fifth round Trix attacked her rival from a southpaw stance. Using her right jabs, hooks and crosses she peppered the face 

of her foe from unfamiliar angles. Miranda was struggling to defend against this new offensive strategy.  

As the two damsels were battling near the end of the fifth frame, twin left hooks launched by each fighter arrived at the same time.  

Both blows landed powerfully to their face. Each woman’s head jerked up and back as they were temporarily frozen in shock.  

It nearly caused a double knockdown and was a thrilling finish to this hard fought round.  

The Spanish boxer employed a new offensive tactic as the battle resumed in round six. Ducking low, she powered lefts and rights 

in the ribs and abdomen of the black-clad champ. Most of Trix’s punches sailed harmlessly over the head of her assailant as she suffered

the painful impact of these gut busters.  

As she pounded the champ off-balance, she stepped forward with inside uppercuts that jacked her chin up in the air. That opened up

further targets for short straight power shots to the head or bosom of the shell-shocked red head. Ms Fischer’s face was swollen and 

she cringed in pain from the assault of her adversary. 

Round seven quickly became a chess game of attacks and counter-attacks. When Miranda lowered her arm to attack the torso 

of the "Fitness Queen", Trix whipped short quick hooks and overhand punches over the lowered limb. Her hammering left hooks 

to the head were particularly effective in the early moments of the round.  

Later in the session Ms Morales started to anticipate the hooks and crossing blows from her antagonist. Timing her a attacker’s swing, 

she moved inside the punch to deliver her shorter, quicker hooks before the champion could defend herself.  

Round eight was a physically tiring stanza. From the start, the women moved into close range to continue their battle. There was more

pushing and grappling between the two powerful scrappers as they attempted to impose their will upon their rival. The last two rounds

would call on both women pull forth every resource within them to claim the victory. It would become a battle of will and determination.

As the Hooters Round Card girl displayed the sign for the coming ninth round, the fighters prepared themselves for the final round.  

Sitting attentively in her corner, Trix received refreshment and words of advice from her trainer as she prepared to come out for the next 

to last round of this very tough match.

Round nine appeared to be a crucial turning point in this championship rumble. Ms Fischer raised the level of her aggression to a higher

plain. She led off with machine-gun quick leading jabs. Doubling or tripling her jabs, hammered her brunette off-balance and opened

avenues of attack for her tagalong power shots. Miranda could not retaliate with meaningful counters.

Corralled in a neutral corner near round’s end, Miranda wrapped her arms desperately around her assailant’s head. 

It was a tactic of desperation by the challenger who was being beaten down. She held on tight, waiting for the referee to separate them 

so she could gain her freedom from this entrapment. 

With just two-minutes remaining in this championship contest, the defending champion came out determined to knock her opponent out. 

She sensed that she was the stronger of the two. After the traditional glove tap, Trix opened fired with a fusillade of hammering lefts 

and rights. 

Repeatedly she pounded her opponent with every punch in her extensive repertoire but Miranda refused to fall down. Punches rained in 

on the defiant challengers from all directions. The Spanish boxer stumbled and wobbled, but miraculously stayed on her feet until the final

bell sounded. At the end, she walked unsteadily back to her corner.  

The fighters stood nervously awaiting the official decision of the judges. When the official result was announced the defending champion

Trix Fischer was the unanimous decision victory over a dazed and disappointed Miranda Morales who had fought gamely in a losing cause. 

With her WIBF Championship Belt affixed around her trim waist the "Fitness Queen’s" gloved fist was raised in recognition of her 

impressive victory. In joyful exuberance, the champion bounded to the nearest turnbuckle, stepped upon the lower strand and thrust 

her red fists overhead in a victory salute as she accepted the accolade of her appreciative supporters. It was a memorial victory 

for a deserving champion.  

In acknowledgement of her courageous challenge, Trix called Miranda to centre ring to share the lime light. The two rugged competitors

posed for media and fans eager to record this memorable event. The confrontation certainly lived up to its anticipated grandeur.