Fight n°4



IFBA Light-Heavyweight World Title

10-2 Minute Rounds



(USA) - Champion



(England) - Challenger


INTRODUCTION: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight from the Tropicana Casino Resort in Atlantic City the DENAV CHANNEL is

proud to bring you the IFBA Women’s World Light-Heavyweight Championship. This highly-anticipated boxing spectacular features World

Champion Latifah “TNT” Jones against the British Professional Women’s Boxing Light-Heavyweight Champion Pauline Goodwyn. Scheduled

for ten two-minute rounds the fight is sanctioned by the International Female Boxing Association and the New Jersey Athletic commission.

As we listen to the musical accompaniment and the welcoming applause from the fans, we take you now to ringside for the colour

commentary by our analyst Gayle MacGregor.

Good evening fight fans! First to enter the ring is the challenger for tonight’s featured attraction, Pauline Goodwyn. Wearing a white 

hooded robe with blue and red trim, this distinguished British combatant waves to the welcoming audience before going to the assigned

blue corner to begin her in-ring warm-up regimen. Ms Goodwyn brings a ring record of 18-wins, 4-losses and 1-draw into tonight’s

championship challenge. Seven of her 18-wins have come by way of knockout. This London boxer won the 2001 European Amateur

Boxing title before capturing her current British Light-Heavyweight Professional Championship in 2006.

Making her way to the ring from the other side of the auditorium is the reigning IFBA Light-Heavyweight World Champion Latifah “TNT”

Jones. As she skips lightly down the aisle to the ring, she has her gloved fists waving overhead in the traditional victory-salute. This

38-year old New Jersey pugilist is dressed in a black with white short-styled hooded boxing robe with the championship belt attractively

encircling her trim waist. Ms Jones is a veteran of 44-fights, 42-wins with an impressive record of 29-knockouts. She earlier held the IFBA

Heavyweight World Championship from 2003 to 2005 before moving down one-weight division to capture the IFBA Light-Heavyweight 

title which she has held since 2006. Stepping between the parted ring cords, Latifah makes one quick trip around the interior ring 

perimeter before stopping in the red corner.

After their respective introduction to the patrons the referee calls the fighters to centre ring for his final instructions. When directed to touch

gloves the two women glare with focused hostility at their rival. Latifah wearing the black with white trim ring attire came in exactly at the

Light-Heavyweight limit of 175-pounds while Pauline wearing white with red-trim was four-pounds lighter. Both combatants look in

wonderful condition and determined to claim the victory.

"Bong!" At the opening bell both women rushed quickly out from their corners fists poised for firing or defending as soon as they got in

punching range. Neither seemed intent upon testing the waters with opening jabs. Instead they closed until they were standing head to

head and started to exchange flurries of short-ranged hooks and uppercuts. There was little defensive skills required at this intimate

distance. Latifah worked heavy hooks into the ribs and belly of her English foe.

Pauline shifted from side to side as they leaned forward with fists flying. With this change of angle, the white damsel used her right hooks

with greater effectiveness to bye-pass the defending gloves of the champ and land hefty right hands to the head. Shock from the impact of

these hammering strikes caused many of Latifah’s blows to miss their target. 

It was a winning strategy for the challenger in this opening session. She looked pleased as she returned to her corner at round’s end.  

TNT opened the second stanza with more movement afoot. She looked to be keying off that right hand of the challenger, to time her own

hooks and crossing blows to the head of her auburn-tressed challenger. Her left hooks were targeting both the body and head of her

adversary making defense much more difficult for the British boxer.

Pauline landed far fewer of her right-hand blows in round two but when she successfully connected with her ebony foe, they were hurting

the champion. One particularly powerful right hook split the defending gloves of the champ and mashed into her nose causing blood to

ooze out of the damaged nostrils.

Round three found Ms Goodwyn increasingly employing a well-executed right uppercut inside the defensive shield of the ebony champion.

Time and again Ms Jones’ head was jacked painfully upward leaving her vulnerable to combinations from the challenger.

Short, hard right jabs to the breasts crushed the delicate mamma causing Latifah additional pain. It appeared that the tide of this battle 

was moving more in the direction of the aggressive red-head in this pivotal third round.

Pauline begin the fourth round with more inside punishment. She pummelled the champion’s head with those deadly right uppercuts while

the champion gradually gave ground before the pressing assault.  

In the later half of the fourth stanza, Latifah buried a killer left hook into the navel of her attacker. That lethal wallop drove the breath from

the challenger’s body. Pauline bent forward at the waist emitting a loud grunt of pain. It was one of the hardest blows yet from the


When action resumed in round-five the dynamite black babe came out blazing away with jackhammer lefts and rights that rocked the

British challenger back on her heels. Latifah needed no additional encouragement to intensify her offensive assault. Left jabs, right crosses

and assorted uppercuts rained in on the struggling challenger. Hammering jabs slipped between the parted gloves of Ms Goodwyn

spreading blood and mucus over the face of the unsteady challenger.

Bludgeoned back against the ropes the prospects for the woozy challenger looked grave. When it seemed she was about to collapse under

the pounding fists of the Jersey mauler, Pauline lunged forward off the ropes clutching Ms Jones in a desperate bear hug for the bleeding


By the time the referee pried the pair apart, there were just a handful of seconds left in this round. Ms Goodwyn had survived a critical

juncture in this exciting donnybrook.

Latifah came out determined to finish the job she had started in round five. Starting with powerful lead jabs to the battered face of her

adversary Latifah let fly with a vicious round house right cross. Pauline saw it coming and deftly moved inside the arcing haymaker,

countering with her own quicker left hand to the head. Whammo. The bomb twisted the champ’s head painfully to the side.  

Continuing her forward advance, the challenger bombarded the stumbling titleholder with lefts and rights from below the protecting

bucklers of her rival. Murderous hooks and uppercuts jolted Latifah’s head up and down as she tottered backward toward the ropes. 

The round ended saving her from a certain knockdown. Her seconds rushed out to assist her to her waiting stool and a critical minute

break. Working frantically throughout the minute rest period her corner team succeeded in preparing Ms Jones for round seven. Although

she appeared steady and focused, the opening volley of punches by Ms Goodwyn soon erased the progress achieved in her recovery. 

Machine gun quick jabs and hooks opened an avenue for a wrecking ball right cross by the hard charging red head. The monster blast

landed with full momentum on the left side of Latifah’s jaw.

Ms Jones crashed full length on the grimy canvas mat. Her gloved fists were extended over her had, palms open and her left leg was bent

slightly at the knee while her body melded into the abrasive ring canvas. Her red mouth shield laid an arm span away from her comatose

body. Responding quickly, the referee motioned the mesmerized challenger toward the designated corner before starting the formal

count-out. Latifah never heard the fatal ten-tolled over her at this terminal tenure of her World Championship.

As the referee waved the fight over, Pauline climbed the corner ropes facing out toward the cheering fans she waved her gloved mitts

overhead in a jubilant victory salute. This was a memorable career milestone that she had worked hard to achieve. Now was her

opportunity to reap the rewards of this momentous event.

When the referee summoned the new World champion to centre ring he grasped her right glove and hoisted it aloft as the ring announcer

made the official pronouncement:

<<Ladies and Gentleman winner by knockout at 1 minute - 8 seconds of Round Seven and new IFBA Light-Heavyweight Champion…


As the crowd erupted in a thunderous ovation, Pauline stood with her head bowed fidgeting with the waistband of her boxing trunks.

One of the women from Hooters helped fix the championship belt around her waist. Pauline Goodwyn, flushed with the excitement of her

accomplishment, struck a boxer’s pose for ringside photographers. 


This was a moment they wanted to share with the winner and remember.