Fight n°1



WKA Bantamweight World Title

5-2 Minute Rounds


ALEXA "The Warrior" BERTI






The largest kickboxing event of the month took place at the TROPICANA Casino and Resort a few nights ago, continuing the rivalry

between Italy and France from the last World Cup. The numerous sponsors of this match included Everlast, Leggs, Nokia, Apple,

Coca-Cola, Fed-Ex, BMW, Denav Channel, and Hooters of Atlantic City. Many fans attended; in fact, the tickets were sold out for this 5

two-minute round fight between Alexa “The Warrior” Berti (Italy) and Sophie Girard (France), the audience eager to see his/her favorite

become the first-ever WKA (World Kickboxing Association) Bantamweight World Champion.

Although both of the European beauties have been great champions, Alexa the 2005 Full Contact Italian Champion and Sophie the 2006

Savate World Champion, a survey showed nearly 80% of the fans of the audience expected Sophie to win merely because of her former

world title, age, and weight.  However, Alexa’s fight record is 17 wins (4 by KO), 2 losses, and 1 draw.  Sophie has a slightly less

impressive record: 13 wins (2 by KO), 1 loss, and 2 draws. Nevertheless, age and weight as well as training will also decide the outcome.

“The Warrior” is 30 years old, 54,4kg / 120lbs, and from K-Center in Rome, and Sophie Girard is 26 years old, 53,5kg / 118lbs, and from

the FH-Gym in Paris. Who will add tonight’s win and the WKA Bantamweight World Title to her fight?

Alexa Berti, the dark-haired warrior, strides down the walkway and climbs over the four ropes into the square ring,

clearly nervous yet determined.

“The Warrior” stands in her corner, wearing black foot guards, a white skirt with black trim, gym logo, and her name, pink gloves,

and black top and waiting for her French opponent to enter the ring.  Sophie Girard walks through the arch, brimming with confidence

and gratitude from the majority of fans’ support, and raises her blue-gloved fists in the air.

The blond French is also wearing red foot guards, white shorts with red trim, her name, and her home city of Paris, and red bra. 

Sophie gets into the ring and walks to her corner, while the announcer announces the match.

Both stunning women stare at each other while the referee dictated the rules. The blonde bounces up and down on the balls of her feet,

trying to psych “The Warrior” out, but to no avail. Alexa just calmly returned the piercing stare, causing the fans to cheer wildly for their


Finally, the referee finishes reading the rules, and the two stunning women nod, still staring deeply into each other’s eyes. 

They touch their gloves and bare their teeth through their white (Alexa) and orange (Sophie) mouthpieces in enthusiasm to begin

the 5 round match.

Round One - The Italian and the French spring out of their corners to commence the first round. They exchange mainly punches in the

beginning. Alexa strikes first, blasting 2 lightning-fast, solid, right jabs into the right cheek and breast of the blonde. Sophie staggers back

a little, a few tears welling in her eyes from the pain, and she repays her opponent with a tremendous, blue uppercut. Alexa’s head snaps

up and is immediately attacked. She is under a huge cascade of jabs, crosses, and uppercuts, but stays on her feet. She tries to block with

her pink gloved shield, but the punches are too many and heavy for her to stop, and she desperately clinches with the blonde. 

The referee separates the two women. Instantly, Sophie feints a left jab and launches a powerful kick to the back of the knee just as

Alexa raised her guard against the jab. The dark-haired warrior winces in pain.

It is Alexa’s turn now to bombard Sophie with heavy, gloved blows. The blonde dances away after being punished for accidentally

lowering her blue guard. She circles the dark-haired fighter, looking for an opening. “The Warrior” lowers her fists slightly, waiting for

Sophie to reach her. Sophie Girard sees this, and thinking it is the opportune moment, charges forward with a right jab. 

She is caught by a big push kick to the abdomen and is propelled backwards, the air squeezed out of her lungs by that kick.

She regains her composure and returns to Alexa, delivering a roundhouse kick to the Italian’s head. However, the pink guard in front

of her opponent’s head blocks it.

As soon as the red, left foot guard touches the mat, Alexa feints a high cross and explodes a huge right circular kick onto the blond

female’s right breast. At once staggers back and sinks to the mat in sheer agony. The referee begins the count, but the bell rings after

the count of 3, allowing Sophie to rest and recover until the next round.

Round Two - Alexa was more aggressive this round, backing Sophie up against the ropes and working her way up the blonde’s body

with merciless blows. She kicks the inner thighs and punches at the abdomen and breasts, causing loud slaps and gasps from Sophie.

Sophie raises her right knee to reduce the kicks and tries to block a stiff left jab, but the pink glove bursts through the shield and snaps

the blonde’s head to the left.

Sophie clinches, and after the referee’s separation, finds new strength within herself. She dodges the pink fists of “The Warrior”

and launches a hard right jab to the abdomen.  Alexa gasps for air as most of the oxygen leaves her lungs.

Sophie tries to fire off a left jab, but barely misses and receives a solid kick to the side.

Weary and sweaty, both female fighters clinch for about ten seconds, each returning to her corner upon the relieving ring of the bell

signaling the end of the round.

Round Three - Having renewed her strength, Sophie rushed from her corner, ducking underneath the tired fists of Alexa and pummeling

her abdomen with jabs and straights and firing off huge uppercuts. Trying to flee the onslaught and retaliate, “The Warrior” backed up

against the ropes, allowing her opponent to sink her right foot deeply into her left breast.

Unable to take more punishment at the moment, Alexa sank to the canvas in a sweaty, tired, gorgeous heap. The referee began counting,

“1…2…3…” The Italian slowly dragged her way back up with the ropes by the count of 5. She bravely faced the blonde and prepared

another pink shield. Sophie threw a right jab that barely glanced Alexa’s head and was immediately struck by a solid left hook,

turning her head to the left.

Exhausted, Sophie clinched with her opponent, getting hard knees to the stomach. The two are separated yet again and Alexa fires

a right kick to the left side of Sophie.

Glad for the bell, both weary fighters walk back to their corners.

Round Four - Having a great deal of respect for each other, the two female gladiators touch gloves. Due to their exhaustion,

both beauties fight sparsely. Alexa circles her and launches few, but hard, blows. Sophie tries to retaliate with a right hook,

but Alexa dodges and lands a kick to the back of Sophie’s right knee.

Alexa continues her attack and sinks a left glove into Sophie’s right cheek.

With a valiant effort, Sophie throws a powerful right hook, but Alexa leans back, planting deeply her left foot into the right breast

of the blonde.

She wobbles from the kick, nearly falling, but saved by the bell again. It seems that the 80% of the audience may be wrong. 

By this time, everyone is gripping and on the edge of the seats.

Round Five - Seeing her opponent so deeply in fatigue and wanting to score another KO to her fight record, Alexa “The Warrior” Berti

enthusiastically zipped across the ring, driving Sophie back into her corner. “The Warrior” impales her opponent’s head with a right fist,

ignoring the knee to her stomach.

With all of her remaining strength, Sophie pushes Alexa away from her. The Italian returns to the tired blonde. 

Sophie attempts a kick to the midsection of “The Warrior”, but misses, and instead, is struck by a solid, high, right kick to the face.

With only less than a minute until this final round ends, Alexa is even more determined to win this match by a KO. She charges forward

to her injured opponent and viciously bombards her breasts with hard combinations. Following a tremendous uppercut to her opponent’s

chin, she steps back, waiting for tough Sophie to come after her. After a couple of steps, Alexa sprang forward, spearing Sophie Girard’s

right breast with a powerful kick. Overwhelmed by the agonizing pain, the blonde sprawls in her corner and it seems to be a knockout

for Alexa. 

The referee counts her out and the triumphant Alexa raises her pink gloves in satisfied, joyful victory.

Sophie regains her feet only a couple of seconds after the count of “10”. The referee confirms Alexa’s victory, raising the winner’s right fist

in recognition. Sophie Girard was downcast, as are most of her fans.

The two Europeans hug, praising each other’s power and toughness, in a sign of great sportsmanship.

Alexa smiles and kisses her left glove as a waitress from the sponsor Hooters of Atlantic City adjusts the WKA Bantamweight World Title

around the champion’s waist.

Then, the waitress and Alexa posed for the press.

Alexa “The Warrior” Berti’s updated fight record:  18 wins (5 by KO), 2 losses, and 1 draw.

Sophie Girard’s updated fight record:  13 wins (2 by KO), 2 losses, and 2 draws.