Fight n°5




6-2 Minute Rounds





"Scrapper" AUDREY St. JOHN



INTRODUCTION: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the TROPICANA Casino and Resort where the Denav Sports Channel brings you the

Mixed Boxing Exhibition Match. This gloved battle of the sexes is fought under the boxing regulations of the New Jersey State Athletic

Commission, Edward Griswold Chairman. Contenders in this much anticipated exhibition are “Scrapper” Audrey St. John versus Damon

“Lights Out” Miller. Providing colour commentary is Gayle Mc Gregor who is now talking to one of the participants in this event.  

Mr. Miller’s trainer declined this opportunity. Let’s turn it over now to Gayle who is in the dressing room of Audrey St. John. 

Take it away Gayle.

<<Hello fight fans, as you will observe, I am watching the female IFBA Light-Heavyweight World Champion Audrey St. John.

As she warms up in her dressing rooms. Her hands are taped and she is now doing her 30-minute warm up regimen. She answers my

questions without sounding the least winded. Her trainer tells me that Ms St. John always warms up completely before competing.

Thirty-minutes is longer than the bout is scheduled to last; six two-minute rounds. This female athlete is glistening with perspiration and

testifies that she is in the best shape of her life.

I am back at ringside now awaiting the entrance of the two participants. Ms St. John will make her entrance first –ladies before gentlemen.

She is wearing a white hooded robe that is bathed in the bright spot lights. Providing an early photo opportunity she stops momentarily

near the entranceway to pose with her blue-fists flexed to show her well-muscled arms and shoulders. Beneath the robe she is wearing

pink spandex trunks with matching bra and the blue/white Everlast 14-ounce pro gloves selected for this engagement. With a loud

rendition of “Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC Ms St. John strides gracefully down the aisle to the ring while the fans hoot and holler 

in an appreciative welcome for this winsome athlete.

With the lady boxer already in the ring removing her hooded robe, the music for the male contender Damon “Lights Out” Miller is keyed

over the loudspeaker. “We Are the Champions” by the Queen marks his appearance from the opposite side of the ring. Mr. Miller is not

wearing a robe but a blue and black striped tee-shirt with his name “Damon “Lights Out” Miller” boldly embellished in yellow letters across

his chest. This 28-year-old Californian weighs 92,5kg/204lbs with a professional record of 6-wins- one by knockout and just one-loss.  

He looks determined and completely focused for the coming fray as he makes his way to the ring receiving the personal adoration of his

fans. There is no showboating by this rugged boxer.

During the introductions the two combatants bounce lightly up and down in their corners reviewing for the final time their respective 

battle strategies. Called to center ring by the blonde-haired referee, the fans can see for the first time the fighters standing face-to-face.  

Ms St. John looks eye to eye with Damon. Despite her announced 22-pound weight disadvantage the participants looked well-matched

physically. Both contenders have their “game faces” on as they touch gloves before returning to their corner.  

Clang! The bell rings to open round one of this six-round match. Damon and Audrey approach each other from an angle, their gloves

position to defend or fire off punches. Each boxer fires off lead jabs as they circle in the middle of the squared circle. There is total

concentration and athletic grace displayed in this lull before the storm. The excitement is electric.

More jabs are fired to test the range and defensive reflexes by the bald-headed black man. With eye-popping speed he follows up with 

a streaking left hook aimed at the head of the brunette boxer. Audrey deflects most of the power from the blow with her raised arms and

gloves; but still it causes her head to swivel toward her left. There is a momentary flinch that flashes across her face; she has now

experienced the first power shot from her male adversary. I wonder if it was harder than she expected?

Damon won round one in my opinion with his effective aggression in that session. Audrey comes out more aggressively to start of round

two. She is looking to gain some respect with more offence and certainly wants to win the round so she will not fall behind in the scoring.

Her strategy for winning back control is to use fake leads to the head and then punish the body of Damon when his arms move upward in

defense. Audrey’s strategy works well for her as the round plays out. Scrapper lands some debilitating hooks to the ribs and belly of her

rival that should benefit her in the later rounds.

Showing that he can think and adapt to differing offensive ploys, Damon starts to score with some powerful and well-executed straight

overhand rights. He is anticipating Audrey’s hooks to his body. Ms St. John shows her own adaptability by using more jabs and changing

her punching routines to win the round on my unofficial score card.

Round three finds Mr. Miller circling lightly around his brunette adversary firing off snappy, hard left jabs. He uses combinations when the

lead jabs create an opening in the defense of the Scrapper. Audrey is finding it very difficult to avoid or block the quick fisted jabs by 

“Lights Out”. They even split the gap between her gloves when she uses the peek-a-boo defense.  

Late in the third period, Damon connects with a pretty left jab-right cross combination that shocks Audrey. Woozy and vulnerable to a

follow-up attack, Ms St. John wisely clasps her arms around her ebony foe. This tactic ends Damon’s offensive foray while she composes

herself for the rounds still to come. She narrowly avoids a knockdown that would have cost her two points instead of just one for losing

this round.

Round four is a must win round for Ms St. John who I believe is one-point/one-round down in the scoring. Before Mr. Miller could get into

his jabbing and moving rhythm, Audrey comes charging toward him with her blue gloved missiles pumping. Lefts and rights flash inward

toward both his torso and head. Necessity requires that Damon attend to his defense; therefore he is no longer the dominant aggressor he

was in the previous round.

Showing commendable ring generalship, Ms St. John continues her attack at a regulated pace that will not exhaust her energy or allow

Damon to counter-attack. More frequently as the round continues Audrey is mixing in an excellent variety of power punches. Her right

uppercut rocks him back on his heels. “Lights Out” is hurt and vulnerable. Can Audrey capitalize on this opportunity?

Fortunately for Damon, the bell rings before the powerful damsel can take further advantage of his weakening condition. Mr. Miller comes

out looking greatly rejuvenated after the one-minute break. He is first to lash out with his poker stiff left jab. Ms St. John reacts quickly and

correctly to block the potentially dangerous blow. Each fighter wants to establish control in this fifth stanza. They want to display their fistic

superiority to the judges, fans and foe.

Audrey shows improvement in dodging and getting inside the pesky jabs of Damon since the early stages of this match.  When she works

her way inside the buxom brunette returns to her favourite body targets – the ribs and sternum. Her punches dig deep into Damon’s

midsection depriving him of oxygen while slowing his movement afoot as well. When Miller lowers his guard, Ms St. John is successfully

spearing him with hurtful head shots. Swelling appears around his left eye. Audrey’s face is swollen with a crescent-shaped bruise under

her eye also.

After a brutal round of belly bashing punishment from the Scrapper, Damon leaned his full weight against his lady antagonist and pushed

her gradually backward against the ropes. Both fighters were glistening with sweat with their mouth open attempting to take in air.  

Mr. Miller rested his head on Ms St. John’s right shoulder while waiting for the referee to part them. This left an unfavourable opinion of

Damon for both the fans and the judges.

After watching her success and Damon’s apparent weariness in round five, many fans encourage Scrapper to knock out her dusky skinned

rival. After the customary glove-tap to start the last round Audrey responded to the desires of her fan. Faking a left hook to Damon’s body,

she comes over his lowered left arm with a powerful right cross to the temple. That blue bomb sends him slumping sideways against the

ropes. Audrey resets to deliver more punishment to her reeling rival.

“Lights Out” uses his forward momentum generated by the bouncing off the ropes to launch a powerful right cross. His blue Everlast

gloved strikes with tremendous force; moulding itself to the cheek of the unprotected Scrapper. It is a surprise she neither expected 

nor needed in this final period.

Ms St. John is unsteady and disoriented by that blow to her head; but instinctively she reacts to her precarious predicament.

Lurching forward she immediately wraps her arms around his upper body and walks him backward into a neutral corner. 

This time it is the Scrapper leaning upon her adversary and resting her head on his left shoulder while she awaits her recovery.

When the action resumes Audrey steps up the tempo of her assault. Working upstairs and downstairs on her retreating adversary, her

punches cause a physical reaction each time they connect. Just before the round ends, Ms St. John launches a sizzling left jab that splits

Damon’s gloves and connected with bone-jarring force in his face. Mr. Miller’s head jerks violently backward, blood spatters into the air 

and his eyes close in shock. 

At the final bell, both boxers stop punching immediately, stepping apart they tap gloves in an expression of respect for a fight

well-contested. Soon they are summoned to centre ring for the announcement of the winner in this mixed match exhibition. As the official

decision is announced over the public address system the powerful left arm and glove of “Scrapper” Audrey St. John is raised over her

head. With a smile of delight on her face, Audrey lifts her right glove to complete the “V” for Victory Salute. Reflecting his good

sportsmanship and agreement with the decision, Mr. Miller applauds with a gloved handclap at this conclusive announcement.  

This memorable exhibition reflects favourably the superb boxing skills of these participants.

In recognition of her success in this female versus male mixed boxing exhibition Ms St. John receives a green prize belt. 

Wearing the memento bandoleer-style Audrey poses jubilantly next to one of the sponsoring representatives from Hooters.  

She is a deserving winner of that trophy. This spirited encounter is an experience she will cherish long after this night is over.