ANTONELLA CRIMI vs CHERYL COOPER - Featherweights - 20/03/2015



IGL headquarters was notified yesterday by our German promotional partner GammaPro

that a car carrying Italian featherweight champion Antonella Crimi was involved in a collision

with a container truck on Sunday (March 22nd). A GammaPro representative was driving

Antonella to the airport following her fight in Stuttgart the previous night, 

when the BMW Mini they were in collided with the truck in the middle of an intersection.

Both Antonella and the GammaPro representative are in stable condition,

but they both sustained multiple injuries. 

Antonella has 4 broken ribs, ruptured diaphragm, a dislocated knee, and multiple broken fingers

in both hands. She is also suffering from mild concussion. The driver also has 2 broken ribs

and a concussion. The accident was apparently the result of a traffic light malfunction:

traffic cameras show that the lights were green for both Antonella's Mini traveling north 

and the truck traveling west before they collided in the middle of the intersection. 

The blood alcohol content of both drivers were forensically determined under the legal limit,

and the skid marks support unimpaired judgement from both drivers. 

Our deepest concern and consolation go to Ms. "Marvelous" Antonella.

In the wake of this truly unfortunate event, we are very relieved that she is safe, 

and we wish her a safe and speedy recovery. 

The IGL spotlight will be dimmer while she is away. (Article provided by Chopinson)



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