The main language of the Forum is English/American but you can write reviews, interviews, articles and chat with your friends using your hometown language.

In these cases I suggest to begin your post with the icon of your Country flag so other users will easily see if that post could interest them or not.

There is an icon for a fight review, one for an interview and one for an article.


I suggest to create a folder called "IGL" or what ever you want to call it in your hard disk and save these following graphics in the language that you use.

I suggest to save them with a filename that you easily recognize them when it's time to upload them (For example "Review" - "Article Italian")

In this "IGL" folder you will save all the images that you want to add to your article

HOW TO WRITE AN ARTICLE IN TEST SECTION (the following example is featuring a Review)

Collaborators have the access to a hidden zone of the forum called "Test Section"

that is used to test the articles before publishing them in the official sections of IGL Forum

1) When you receive the hidden link, you visit it and open the first image

2) Save the images right clicking and choose "Save as"

- Move through the galleries using the mouse on the "Gloves and Arrows" or using the arrows on your keyboard

3) The images must be stored on your "IGL" folder

4) Go to "Test Section" of the Forum
5) Go to a blank post and click on "Full Editor & Preview"

6) Insert the graphic of the kind of article you are writing

- Click on "Insert an image" letter A in the figure

- Click on "Upload" letter B in the figure

- A window appears and surf your hard disk until you enter on your "IGL" folder (if you already are there it's good)

- Select the image "Review" that you store on "IGL" folder

- Click on "Open" - Tapatalk will add the Review graphic and you will see it on your post

7) Write the review and when you want to insert an image:

- Click on "Insert an image" (as explained above)

- Click on "Upload"

- A appears and since you did this operation earlier you should already be in "IGL" folder otherwise surf to reach it

- Select the image you wan to insert

- Click on "Open" - Tapatalk will add the desired image and you will see it on your post

- Write the description of the image

8) Go on writing the review and insert the other images as explained above

9) When the review is complete you can add the colors and size highlighting the desired sentences and adding size and color

10) Click on "Preview" to see if everything is ok or make the corrections

11) Click on "Submit" to post your article on "Test Section"

HOW TO PUBLISH THE ARTICLE(the following example is featuring a Review)

1) Go to "Reviews and Buzz"

2) Create the topic "NAME vs NAME - Weight division - Date"

3) Go to "Test Section"

4) Select your post using the arrow  which is the letter A in the figure

5) Click on "Select Post to Moderate" letter B in the figure

6) Tapatalk will frame your post in light blue color

7) Scroll up to top of the page

8) Click on "Moderate" letter A in the figure

9) Select "Move Selected Posts" letter B in the figure

10) Choose where to move the topic clicking on "Select topic from:" letter A in the figure

11) Select " Reviews and Buzz" letter B in the figure

11) Find the topic you created earlier "NAME vs NAME etc..." and choose "Select to merge" letter A in the figure

12) A window appears - Click "Yes"

13) A window appears - Click "Ok" or wait 3 seconds and the windows automatically closes

14) Tapatalk will show your article in your topic!

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