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day date location division fight bout details
sat 24/02 Las Vegas (USA) featherweights CHARLENE PARKER vs CHERYL COOPER American Title
sat 03/03 Miami (USA) middleweights CLARISSA JACKSON vs ARLEEN BLAND UniAm Title

* Note about 27/01 Fights:

What I call "IGL Archive" is a folder which contains images of glamboxing fights that I created many years ago, before IGL was a public project.

Periodically I publish these images using a logical sense: for example I can't publish an archived fight which feature a boxer

who is defending a belt if in actual IGL she's not even a Champion. As IGL grows year after year is becoming more difficult to respect the logical sense

so please don't wonder why a new name like Dagmar Hoffmann is fighting for the World Title.

Let's suppose that Dagmar is having a regular career like Patrizia and now she's an eligible contender for the World Title.

During the years I also changed the scenarios to make them look better so please don't bother about the fact that "Kampfsport Arena" in Stuttgart

that you see in "Maria Rita Berti vs Milena Conforti" bout is different from the one you see in "Patrizia Dal Ben vs Dagmar Hoffmann" bout.




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