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Many of you know that and maybe others have guessed that I always try to reach the real thing.

International Glamboxing League tells about a fantasy sport but it tries to simulate the real World,

so in this last period a few events were held at closed-doors because of the coronavirus that is creating problem In many Countries.

Now the situation of Covid-19 is becoming very dangerous and it will affect the future of economy, laws and relationship between people.

Many Countries uses lockdown to contain the virus and all events are deleted or delayed.

If I have to respect the real situation all glamboxing fights should be suspended until an uncertain date,

but I believe that never as now IGL project is a way to escape from everyday problems,

I don't mean that is a solution, it's a way to spend 1 hour having fun looking at images and reading the reviews.

That's why I decided to not respect the real situation and do a regular fights schedule,

assuming that coronavirus has gone and is just a chapter of World history... hoping that what I assume, becomes real very soon!



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day date location division fight bout details
For the following fights please read the note dated 29/03 on "NEWS" section
sat 06/06 Caen (FRA) featherweight YUMIKO KAWAKITA vs MALLORY PRICE World Title
sat 13/06 Kolkata (IND) lightweight SONAKSHI CHOPRA vs CANDHYSS SHANE MALLA International Fight
sun 14/06 Ladispoli (ITA) lightweight GIORGIA MARCHETTI vs CAREN NILSSON International Fight
sat 20/06 Munich (GER) middleweight ARLEEN BLAND vs PRIYANKA KARNA World Title
fri 26/06 Bologna (ITA) featherweight ISABELLA VENTURI vs PAOLA SAVELLI --
sat 27/06 Viareggio (ITA) middleweight ORNELLA PALUMBO vs AMELIA CARLINHOS International Fight
sat 04/07 Roma (ITA) featherweight GISELLA FABBRI vs FRANCESCA ROSSI Vacant Italian Title

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