As you can see our Saleswoman is ready to serve you!

If you are dressing your boxer for the first time

go on filling the "Creation Form" that you downloaded

on Manage a Boxer section, while if you are changing outfit

for an active boxer download the Order Form.

For people who can open "xls" files (Microsoft Excel)

I strongly recomend to download "Order Form - Excel" version

because it's very complete: even if you never used Excel 

the form automatically shows you the fileds to fill,

and it notice you in case of errors.

For those who can't handle Microsoft Excel there is a simple text

"Form" so please pay attention to fill the right fields.


Downloadable versions (Right-click and Save as):

Outfit Change Form - Excel

Outfit Change Form - Text


Please note that a boxer can change one of more item

of her outfit every 5 fought events, that means that she must be

active and accumulate more than 5 fights not necessarily in a row.