Denav Womens Boxing League (DWBL) is a Fantasy Boxing Game where a player can manage a female boxer

and lead her through the rankings to become the Champion!

Every player will assume the rule of Manager and arrange her fights or buy boxing gear to make her looks nice to the fans.

Every fight the boxer has, she earns points for her Ranking.

Every Manager can organize fights by contacting other Managers and arranging a match on the Challenge section of DWBL Forum

DWBL will generate the winner using a mathematic calculation well explained later!




To play with DWBL you must have a working e-mail, you have to be a member of DenavWomenBoxing Yahoo Club to vote on the Polls

and be a member of the Forum to arrange your fights.




DENAV is the owner of the site and the president of DWBL so he makes all the decisions about fight results,

about changing rules, etc  Every request to manage a boxer, changing outfits and arranging fights must be submitted 

to him using the appropriate pages of the site (Manage a Boxer, Shop, Challenges, etc...)

Managers can organize their fights by challenging other users, using the Challenges section of DWBL Forum

Every match fought the boxer earns Points (P)(see table in Chapter 7).




Below you can find an example of a ranked boxer and I explain the 3 main parts of her rankings:

A) POINTS = Points (called P) are the unit measure for Rankings, everytime a boxer fights, she earnes P

                    and so she can climb the classification (see table in Chapter 7). P shows the strength of the boxer and 

                     are needed to calculate the result


B) EXTRA POINTS = Extra Points (called +P) are earned fighting stronger opponents. During calculation of results the boxer with 

                               the highest Credits (see Chapter 5) is called Favourite Boxer, so when an Unfavourite Boxer fights against 

                               a stronger opponent, she will earn +P (see table in Chapter 7). This rule is made to tempt managers to accept 

                               challenges from stronger opponents. +P are shown in a separate column just to see how many Extra Points

                               a boxer has eraned but +P are already added to P. For example in the table above Teresa has earned P90

                               during her fights and +P5 fighting stronger opponent so in her rankings she has 90+5 = P95.


C) FIGHTS = It's the number of total fights the boxer did

D) WINS, LOSSES, DRAWS = These numbers are the specifications of how many wins, losses and draws the boxer did, devided in Unanimous Decisions and Knock Out.





Denav uses Microsoft Excel to make a mathematic calculation to determine the results of matches.

The key to a boxer winning are the Credits (called C).

Credits are the combination of Points P owned by a boxer added to the Votes (called V) she receives from other members 

in a pre-fight poll created 1 week before the fight. The result is a calculation of probability, which means that the Boxer with 

the higher Credits has more chance to win. To see an advanced explanation of the calculating systm, click here.




As written above the Credits used to calculate the result are an addition of Points and Votes. 

So a member who wants to increase the possibility of winning must earn as many Credits as he/she can.

I explained on Chapter 4 how to earn Points and Extra Points and now here is how Votes work:

1 week before the fight, DWBL will create a poll on the Yahoo Club where other members can vote and express their prediction

on who will win the fight. These votes will be halved and turned to percentage of boxer's point and added to them to obtain

the credits used to calculate the result. Using the same example of boxer on Chapter 4, imagine that Teresa received

10 votes in the poll, now here are her Credits:

TERESA has P95 in Rankings,

so C = P95 + V(10:2)% of P95,

then C = 95 + 5% of 95,

then C = 95 + 4,8

then C = 99,8




WIN by KO - Favourite Boxer P7 P0
WIN by KO - Unavourite Boxer P7 +P2
WIN by UD - Favourite Boxer P5 P0
WIN by UD - Unavourite Boxer P5 +P2
DRAW - Favourite Boxer P3 P0
DRAW - Unavourite Boxer P3 +P1
LOSS by KO - Favourite Boxer P1 -P2
LOSS by KO - Unavourite Boxer P1 +P1
LOSS by UD - Favourite Boxer P1 -P2
LOSS by UD - Unavourite Boxer P1 +P1




After a boxer fought at least 5 Events con change her outfit. The Manager can visit the Shop and change one or more items filling the Order Form.

Boxer's new look doesn't increase her points, but could influence the result, because a good looking boxer could receive more attentions from the fans that are voting in the Poll!

I'm not saying that a nice boxer surely wins... but votes can help!

If you are managing a boxer for the first time you can change her outfit after she fought 3 Events "under your wing".




A manager who managed a boxer for at least 10 Events can manage a new boxer and start his stable of fighters in the League.

There's no limit of boxers for a stable, but the request of managing a new boxer must be approved by President Denav.




Thats all you have to know to play the game. If you have other questions please get in contact with Denav at denav@libero.it  

or check his profile in Yahoo and if hes on-line you can ask your questions directly using Yahoo Instant Messenger

If this game doesnt satisfy you or you are tired of playing, you can quit by telling DWBL that you would like to retire your boxer!











26/09/2010 - Soon new rules will be published

Rules written in red are subject to change


1) Fight cards will be scheduled to take place every two Sundays. During the first week, on Monday managers can post 

    their challenges and on first Sunday, for the challanges who have received a reply, will be scheduled the match and it 

    will be created the polls. Next Saturday the polls will be closed and on second Sunday the match will take place.


2) When scheduling a bout, both Managers must post a message in Challenges agreeing to the fight. No fight will take place

    if this rule is not followed. If one of the boxers does not agree to a challenge, then the fight will not go on.


3) Managers can't arrange their boxer's next match until their boxers have fought in the event they are competing in.

    So they can't post a challenge or reply to it until they have finished the actual fight.

    The violators will pay a #20 penalty. A violator manager who hasn't got enough money to pay the penalty will have 

    the #20 deducted  from his/her share of winnings from his/her boxer's following bouts.


4) Challenges must be written in the exact format shown in the examples posted on "Challenges" page. Any changes 

    or violations of this requirement will cost the violator a #20 penalty. A violator manager who hasn't got enough money 

    to pay the penalty will have the #20 deducted  from his/her share of winnings from his/her boxer's following bouts.  

    So use care when posting a challenge!!! Please look at Challenges page to see the Violation Codes.


5) Any boxer who does not fight in 3 consecutive events will be declared "Inactive" by the League. Managers will not be able

    to schedule a fight against an Inactive boxer. Before an Inactive boxer can fight again, her manager must notify the League

    by e-mail asking for his/her fighter to be Reactivated. There will be a #20 Reactivation penalty charged by the League 

    to reactivate an Inactive fighter. An Inactive fighter who hasn't got enough money to pay the penalty will have the #20

    deducted from her share of winnings from her following bouts.


6) It's called n1 Contender the boxer closest in points to the Champion and she is the only one who will be allowed

    to challenge the Champion for the title. If the n1 Contender loses, she will become n2 Contender even she still is

    the closest boxer in points to the Champion. This because boxers that fight for a title, once they fought, they can't do

    a straight rematch.


7) The Champion can only make title defenses, she can't do non-title fights and the Title fight is automatically arranged by DWBL.

    If the Champion refuses to fight, she loses the belt and 5 points. The title is declared open and a Championship bout 

    will be made between the top two Contenders.  


8) "Champion Option" - After the champion has successfully defended the title against the Contenders n1 and n2, 

    she will have the option of selecting her next opponent from the top 5 ranked fighters in the current Rankings. 

    The champion must fight all the eligible contenders, not just two or three of the five, so she can decide what order she fights them in before

    and if she successfully defends the belt with all the opponents she can do the rematches. 

    If the Champion opts not to take this rule, DWBL will automaitcally decide her next opponent.


9) "Other Belts" -  DWBL has introduced 5 belts, they are not divisions, so all the fighters are in an only division and you 

    can challenge who you want. The main belt is the Champion belt, while the other 4 belts are just prestige fights who gives 

    the boxer the possibility to win Extra Points +P.


This is the main belt of DWBL so the champion will fight ranked n1, n2  

or one of the first 5 ranked boxers as written in Rules n 6 - 7 - 8.


Boxers ranked n20 and n21 will automatically fight for this belt without posting 

or accepting challenges, and the winner earns +P2


Boxers ranked n40 and n41 will automatically fight for this belt without posting 

or accepting challenges, and the winner earns +P3


Boxers ranked n60 and n61 will automatically fight for this belt without posting 

or accepting challenges, and the winner earns +P4


Boxers ranked n88 and n89 will automatically fight for this belt without posting 

or accepting challenges, and the winner earns +P5

If one of the boxers engaged for these belts is inactive DWBL will choose the first active boxer ranked below.

Don't worry if you are ranked n79 (for example)! You don't have the chance to win +P because you are far from the Regional Belt

fight (between n60 and n61) and you are just one position above the Local Belt (between n80 and n81). 

Keep in mind that the Local winner will go above you in rankings and you will loose a position from 79 to 80, so you will be 

the one who will fight for the Local belt and you will have the chance to win +P

This example works for all the boxers in the league in every position: it's a wheel !












Here is an example of how the system works:


Boxer A = C90

Boxer B = C70

Total Credits = 160


Excel generates a random number between 1 and 160 and writes it to the fight chart (see below), for example 145.

If this number is lower than or equal to Boxer As credits, the winner is Boxer A.

If this number is higher than Boxer As credits, the winner is Boxer B.

In this case the winner is Boxer B.

Boxers Credits Numbers
BOXER A 90 From 1 to 90 (90 numbers)
BOXER B 70 From 91 to 160 (70 numbers)
. Total 160 Random number 145
. . Winner is BOXER B


So its a calculation of probability, which means that the Boxer with the higher Credits has more chance to win the fight.

(But the example above shows the possibility that the boxer with the lower number of Credits can still win the fight!)

Each calculate can give 2 kind of result and a sub-result:

The results are Draw and Win/Loss and the sub-result for Win/Loss is the Win/Loss by KO.

The possibility that the result is a Draw is 5% of calculate, while for a Win/Loss is obviously 95%.

The possibility that the sub-result for Win/Loss is Win/Loss is by KO is 35%, while for a Unanimous Decision Win is obviously 65%.

So each boxer has these percentage of results:

Talking about the same example here is the layout of the results for each boxer:

So if Excel generates a number:

- from 1 to 30 the Winner by KO is Boxer A

- from 31 to 86 the Winner by Unanimous Decision is Boxer A

- from 86 to 90 and from 157 to 160 the result is Draw

- from 91 to 1113 the Winner by KO is Boxer B

- from 113 to 157 the Winner by Unanimous Decision is Boxer B