July 20, 1972 - May 21, 2011

Italy June 03, 2011 - Women's boxing, creating 3D images and managing this site are not my only hobbies,

I also play the guitar and sing in a rock cover band, so yesterday before living for a small concert I had 10 mintues

to connect to Internet and look to the latest news........ these 10 minutes shocked me for the rest of the day.

I received by e-mail a daily digest from World Of Topless Boxing Yahoo Group featuring a couple

images with Andy, Tanya Danielle, Stacy Burke and Hollywood.

These pics were taken when Andy went to Los Angeles in November 2010 and when he came back,

he sent me a few shots and we talked about is wonderful experience facing Tanya, Stacy and Hollywood in a boxing ring.

So at a first sight I thought that this digest was a simple promotion of the videos, but at the end of the column

of images I read <<In Memory of Chairman Andy (July 20, 1972 - May 21, 2011)>>... I was flattened!

I never met Andy so he was not a real life friend but I always considered him a very good "Internet Friend",

he was playing my game DWBL since November 2004 managing the virtual Tanya Danielle

and then he founded Dream-Girlz Inc. Team formed by Tanya Danielle, Lisa Mozzon and Jerri Byrne

Talking about Andy's ability to play the game it's useless to explain how a clever manager he was,

just take a look at the image above. DWBL really miss a fair player and three top ranked boxers!

In Andy's honor I will close his team, retire Tanya, Lisa and Jerri

and they will not be available for management anymore.

Talking about myself I lost a very good friend, because I met many times Andy on Yahoo Messenger

and we talked about a lot of things:

- female boxing (on time we bought a custom video from DT Wrestling deviding the cost),

- soccer (I don't like soccer but I remember he was an Everton fan),

- beer and going to the pub (a passion for both of us),

- music (he's English and I love English music, I even showed to Andy

one of my guitar: a Fender Telecaster with a big Union Jack on it)

- ... and other things that we do in real life.

The conversations were always brillant with both of us ready to reply with ironic or kidding sentences.

I learned part of my English listening to music so many times I replied to Andy using lyrics of songs

and I want to salute him for the last time using this way.



(Your Star Will Shine - Stone Roses)


I never updated a page of my site with tears in my eyes before,

Good-bye Andy (DENIS "Denav")