Here is the explanation on how I calculated and adjusted the New Ranking System:

First of all, as I did in the past, I reduced the difference of points (Gap) between boxers, setting the limit to 4 points (P).

Example: Teresa has P125 and Jeanne has P103 - the gap is P22.

Since the limit is P4 I reduce Teresa points so now Teresa has P107 while Jeanne still has P103 and the right Gap is P4.

Keeping in mind this consideration you have to understand that the lower ranked boxer is the starting point

to adjust all the other boxers points. In the real case the lower ranked boxer is Vanessa Lopez with P202,

so she's the starting point and all the other boxers could be affected by points reduction,

I'm saying "could be" because all the boxers with more than P4 difference will receive a reduction.

The Table below shows you the inverted rankings so the first name is the lower ranked boxer

while the last name is the champion:

- Column A shows the points of each boxer after Event 196.

I deleted from this Ranking the boxers automatically retired by DWBL

- Column B shows the Gap between boxers.

The red cells indicate that the boxer will receive a reduction because her gap is higher than 4

- Column C shows the recalculated points after the gap reduction

- Column D shows you the new Gap between boxers.

The green cells indicate that the boxer received the P4 reduction

You can see that, except Vanessa Lopez ranked 92, all boxers changed their points,

but the important thing is that boxers that were not influenced by the P4 rule kept their points difference.

Example: Linda Hansen (ranked 82) had P235 after E196 (column A), she was influenced by

the recalculation of points and now she has P228 (column C) but she was not one of the boxer affected by P4 rule

so she kept her gap with other boxers near her, she is P1 above Natalie Walker (ranked 83)

and P3 below Genevieve Pendicott (ranked 81). Column B and Column D looks the same for her

This is the main consideration: I can recalculate the points of each boxer and reduce her points

but her difference with boxers near her must remain the same.

Example: Linda could pass form P235 to P10 but the important thing is that she must keep her difference

with Natalie (-P1) and Genevieve (+P3). So if Linda has P10 it means that Natalie must have P9 and Genevieve must have P13.

After all these consideration I devide the Rankings in 3 parts:

 - National: for boxers ranked from 61 to 92

- European: for boxers ranked from 31 to 60

- World: for boxers ranked from to 1 to 31

I set to P2 the points of the lower ranked boxer for each division,

so Vanessa Lopez (National), Melanie Eisbein (European) and Dena Cruz (World) has P2.

I didn't assigned them P1 because I'm giving 1 point to every new boxer who joins the league,

so an existing boxer must be 1 point above a debuter.

- Column E shows the new and official points of each boxer

- Column F is a way to prove that after all the calculation and reduction of points of each boxer

the gap is still the same of Column D

- Column G show the new ranking position of each boxer

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