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EVENT 326 - 21/08/2019
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31/07/2019 - In these days DWBL is celebrating 15 years of activity!

I don't know how many virtual games around the net have a so long life, 

and this is possible just because of managers who plays DWBL and help me to handle the game.

So I want to thank you:

1) Managers like Griffy and Mertz which I'm sure that are playing since 2004!

2) Managers like Solo and Xtina which I think  that are playing since 2004!

3) Managers like Victor, Nonobox, Nanae, Chris and Scott who are long time players

4) Managers who are playing right now or have played in the past.

Just to celebrate this special event I will make an image to everyone who send his request to

Choose a fight from all the 325 Events of this 15 years career and I will try to create it....

I said "try" because I don't have the 3D models of all the boxers and their outfits,

so I will reply if I'm able to satisfy your request.


... and THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

15/07/2019 - MIMI BLACK and NATALIE WALKER changed their outfits.

10/07/2019 - Former National Champion SANDRA WILLIAMS moved up to European Division.

Denav Women's Boxing League 2004 - 2019

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